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Roadster Trip

  • The Road(Ster) Trip – Miami in a gold fashion

    I’ve been many times to Florida in my life, but never to organize Miata meetings. I’m glad I’ve been able to do so, it’s been over 10 years I deal with awesome customers from this state and it was the time to give back. Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip – Visit at R-Speed & drive South with new mods

    I usually only do blog posts about cities & meets I organize, this one is a little different. I found out I kind of forgot to post some very nice upgrades that I did on my demo car (and some of them were temporary, you’ll read about it in the next blog posts…)! Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip – Miatas At The Gap (MATG)

    Miatas At The Gap is an event I've been attending for the past 2 years (and also been there about 8 years ago). I always look forward meeting new friends and driving a little too fast! Here’s the only picture I got from 8 years ago with my NA Demo Car : Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip - Atlanta Meet

    Our Atlanta meet was a bit of a mess. Date and location changed a few times, and it was super last-minute, so I didn’t expect many people to show up. It still was a very fun and great to meet some customers in person! Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip – VA Beach & Charleston

    I am doing another double post for the REV9 Meetings that were held in Virginia Beach, VA and Charleston, SC. I know that the timeframe does not work well because there was technically the Deal’s Gap & Atlanta meeting in between, but since the Charleston Meeting was so small, I figured out I would add it to this post. Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip – NYC & Philadelphia

    I’d like to apologize for the time it takes me to create the blog posts. With all the travelling and great people I met, I tried to take some time for myself. I’m doing this blog post related to the 2 meetings that I did in both New York City, NY and Philadelphia, PA. Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip - Garage Quinn Motors (GQM)

    This is the second part of my Road(Ster) Trip which is happening in Connecticut. Now, this is a special feature I’m doing on Garage Quinn Motors (GQM) as it really deserves it! We could also call this place : Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip - Connecticut

    This is the first blog post on my epic trip throughout USA. This is a lifetime dream I’m doing right now to travel the whole USA & parts of Canada! My first stop was in Southington, Connecticut. Many asked me why I stopped at this place and not somewhere else… the main reason is that I got to meet the legendary Quinn Kizis from Garage Quinn Motors. Read more
  • Our 2017 USA & Canada Miata Road(Ster) Trip

    For a long time, I dreamed about “doing the USA” by car. This year was REV9’s 10th Anniversary and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to live a life long dream and meet with customers and enthusiasts! Read more
  • 5000 miles in a 2016 (Modified) ND MX-5 Miata

    If you followed my whole adventure: The Road(ster) Trip, you probably noticed that it was a LOT of mileage on a non-stock vehicle. The car is lowered (on coilovers), has wider tires, a loud exhaust, a few engine modifications, minimal chassis bracing and some comfort modifications. It’s not heavily modified, but it’s far from having the same feeling as the stock car, too. Read more

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