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The Road(Ster) Trip – Houston 2017

After surviving New Orleans, I decided to continue my adventure to a place where I held a meeting last year : Houston, Texas. I knew that the cars would show up would be legit, as last year’s attendance was pretty nice.

I almost cancelled the event due to Hurricane Harvey. Half of the city was still under the water, but the location where we wanted to hold the event (8th Wonder Brewing) had been lucky enough to stay dry.

We decided to hold a fundraising at the same time and give free beers in return of a donation!

Oh well, enough talk and let’s get to the cool pictures!

When I showed up (late, as usual), there was already a bunch of people at the event (and some familiar faces from last year).

I parked the car and started taking pictures before it became too dark:

This car just keeps on getting better. It's owned by Nic Johnson. The Barchetta Front Bumper, TRAP Front Lip, RS Watanabe B-Type, REV9 1028 Mirrors and Garage Vary Intake Lid just makes it super classy!

My car was finally clean, showing nicely the new REV9 Katakana Banner!

Francisco’s NB was now rocking a beautiful Autoexe NB Front Bumper, the Rays MTE37 16x8 +25, Jet Stream Aero Fenders, Jet Stream Clubman GT Side Steps and Garage Vary Eyelids makes it perfect in my opinion!

The interior rocking a lot of custom work just makes it even nicer!

This cool NA owned by Chris had Work GooCar 15” Wheels with Runabout M2 Mirrors and KG Works Front Turn Signals. Super classy.

The clean engine bay was showing a Jackson Racing Supercharger & Rare/Discontinued ARC Radiator Plate.

The interior was also very clean with subtle and elegant touches.

This ND on Advan RZ-2 17” Wheels was also rocking the Autoexe Fog Lights & REV9 Matte Black Emblems!

It also had the Garage Vary Rear Spoiler and TUCKIN99 Short Antenna!

This nice limited edition NA with newly added TRAP Front Lip & Enkei RPF-1 14” Wheels looked pretty good too.

A clean example of NA with Enkei Classic Compe 15” Wheels!

And I always reserve a small showcase on this car, because it’s so unique and clean! This NA owned by Marc has the beautiful Jet Stream Clubman R Front Lip, Car Make Corn’s Classic Mirrors, KG Works Rear Spoiler, Garage Vary Tail Lights, Project-G Hardtop Spoiler and so many cool other parts~

Some other people showed as well!

And some non-Miatas too~

It was a really fun meeting and I’m happy to have hosted a second event in Houston. Totally worth it!

Funnily enough, I ended up on local news a few days later because I was stuck in traffic…

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’m really sorry for making these blog post a year later…