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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • The (Road)ster Trip - Atlanta (Part II)

    On my way down to Texas, I stopped to Atlanta to have some parts installed at R-Speed. I didn’t do any meetings because I had a lot of work (emails) to take care of and I wasn’t ready to organize anything yet. I also knew I had to stop in the city again on my way back. Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip - New Orleans

    After leaving Texas, I headed to New Orleans, Louisiana. I didn’t hold a car meeting up there for the simple reason that I wanted to have some kind of vacation/cultural stop during this trip. As many of you know, I am from Canada, more precisely Quebec. Quebec is the only French-speaking place in the whole of North America. Louisiana is an old French colony and I just wanted to see what it looked like. So this post will be a bit less “car related” than the others. Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip - Houston & Austin

    After travelling 10 hours straight from Birmingham, Alabama towards Houston, Texas, I was super tired, but also ultra excited about my first ever REV9 Meeting. It was really an informal meeting that was set up a day or two before, so I didn’t expect much. Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip – Atlanta & Birmingham

    After leaving Deal’s Gap (wish I could stay there all year long, the roads are just way too much fun), I headed to Atlanta, Georgia. The total trip before arriving to Atlanta at around 1900 miles on the car. Still running strong and sounding awesome. Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip – Tail of the Dragon

    Here’s the blog post about my (probably) most exciting event of this whole trip : Miatas at the Gap. It was their 20th anniversary of the event and we were over 500 Miatas in that 11 mile with 316 curves. Let me tell you, it was amazing! It's a small coverage, simply because I tried to enjoy the thing more than having to think about making this blog post... Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip – Virginia Beach & Charlotte

    I’m really sorry for the late update. I’m writing this as I’m about to move to Birmingham, Alabama. I thought I’d have time to keep you all updated, but I wanted to enjoy this trip a bit so forgot about this whole writing thing. Now, I’m pretty much up to date with my work and I’ll try to post all updates for the blog posts today. Read more

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