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The (Road)ster Trip – Tail of the Dragon

Here’s the blog post about my (probably) most exciting event of this whole trip : Miatas at the Gap. It was their 20th anniversary of the event and we were over 500 Miatas in that 11 mile with 316 curves. Let me tell you, it was amazing! It's a small coverage, simply because I tried to enjoy the thing more than having to think about making this blog post...

It was a 330 miles drive from Charlotte, and outside temperature was crazy hot.


I’ve had my car washed because I like to show off :D

DSC_0985 DSC_0986

The event lasts from Thursday to Sunday. I arrived on Friday noon, but did not miss much! I first stopped at Andrews Brewery for some refreshments :


After relaxing from this long drive, I decided to hit the Dragon’s Tail. It’s known as one (if not THE) most dangerous road in USA. I think it was really the case, because during the weekend, at least 5 Miatas crashed and one even fell off a cliff. Scary stuff.

I did not take much pictures during the weekend, unfortunately. The photographs (expecially Killboy) took most of the awesome pictures of my car during high speed cornering:

1245126_1 1245127_1 1245131_1 1245133_1 1245134_1

The Nielex Knuckle Support and ACRE Light Sports Brake Pads really made a difference to the car and it was great to have these items installed at the gap. I felt the rigidity during cornering and the extra power the brakes made. It was totally worth it and gave me a solid advantage on this road. I just wish I had better tires, because they were used over their limits. I’m not racing the car usually and they are perfect for my type of driving, but in the curves of this road, I would definitely have benefited from better grip.

I also had the chance to meet a new legend in the Roadster community : Sam! He’s asked me many times to get him a Garage Hundred-One Widebody Kit and I finally gave up and hooked him up. He also bought the Zeromotive NA Hood and Jet Stream Turn Signal Intakes to add some styling to his ride. Here you are :

sam_1 sam_2  sam_5

The car is really legendary looking and has a Honda K engine swap from KMiatas. They are really good guys. I also met the people at V8Roadsters and many other vendors and customers during this trip. It was awesome.


Even though I did not take many photos, I did a lot of GoPro videos of my driving at Deal’s Gap. Here are two of them showing how many curves there are. I really had problems during cornering due to my greasy tires (Yokohama S.Drive) and, most of the time, stayed in 2nd gear to be on the safe side and not end up down a cliff, or into the opposite lane.

Video 1 : REV9 ND + Brian’s NC + Chad’s FR-S (both of them are on RE71R tires)

Funny thing is that I met these guys during a stop I did to adjust my camera. One went at me and asked me if I was the “REV9 guy”. We rode the whole weekend together~

Video 2 : REV9 ND following (loud) Hayabusa & ZX10R

I met these gentlemens after chasing them with the ND. They were super cool and one of them really had one hell of a loud exhaust. I’m glad they were here to make the slow cruising bikes move over so we could enjoy the road.

Funny thing was that on the first video, my friends told me that they were pushing their cars, but on the very safe side, where their tires were not pushed to their limits. I was pushing mine to the limits and really got scared a few times. As for the bike chase video, it was real fun to see that the ND could follow them without too much problems, especially in cornering. I’d like to see how it is using better tires. Anyways, my MPH suffered a bit during this trip compared to what I've been doing in the past.


I’ve also had the chance to meet a new bike friend; Mike. He knew how to drive his ride and I really couldn’t follow him as he was much faster than me. My tires really suffered on this run.

DSC_0995 DSC_0999

It was lots of funs, and you can see the video below:

It was an awesome event and I even made friends at a random hotel in Robbinsville. Those Miata people were just hanging in the parking lot at 3:00 AM and I asked them if I could hang out. They answered positively, gave me a chair and a small gift… Moonshine.


I did not turn blind, so I guess it was good stuff. They were awesome people and I couldn’t thank them more for the time we’ve had. It was fun.

At one point, I had to pack up and say good bye to the dragon. Packing in this little car ain’t the easiest thing to do…


I’m so glad I made new friends during this event, and hope I’ll be able to meet the again in the future years.


Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure. I’m now preparing my blog posts about my visit at Atlanta! Check out our full trip at our Roadster Trip blog section!

image2 image3