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Product Review - Autoexe Evolution Wipers

Today, I'll be reviewing the Autoexe Evolution Wipers and showing you how to make them work on a left hand drive Miata !

These wipers are designed for RHD vehicles but with some minor modifications they can be adjusted.

The trick is to pop out the J hook anchor and reinstall it in the opposite direction.  When flipped, you'll notice interference with a small bolt that secures the aero fin.

A small section in the plastic needs to be cut to clear the small bolt. Cut enough to clear the head of the bolt as shown below.

Once the cut has been made, install in the opposite direction and check its not binding.  It should rotate freely. Below you can see the small bolt that we needed clearance for.

Here you can see the changes. The modified LHD version is up top and the original RHD at the bottom.

Lastly, install to your wiper arm like any ordinary wiper.

Performance wise, they excelled in clearing water without any streaks. I've had them for a few months and they still perform flawlessly. The aero fin does a good job of reducing vibrations of the wiper at high speeds.

They haven't been tested on snow or ice but I'm positive they will perform just as great.