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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Karuizawa Roadster Meeting 2014 (Barchetta & ZOOM)

    Today's a very short post as I don't have much pictures of both vehicles, unfortunately. We've met Barchetta who's working on mostly high end products that are very limited editions and ZOOM who's always here to create some new, functional items. Read more
  • Karuizawa Roadster Meeting 2014 (Jet Stream)

    A few weeks have passed since our last post. Had to take some vacations ;) Now, I deserve a full post for Jet Stream as they have brought many AWESOME cars and really deserve this exposure. I met the owner of the company last January and he is awesome and always looking at creating new cool items. He recently launched his side business called DHR (Dark Horse Racing) to build parts for racing purpose that are track tested. Read more
  • Karuizawa Roadster Meeting 2014 (JoyFast & RS Factory Stage)

    Here's another blog post for our annual coverage of Karuizawa Roadster Meeting. This time, I'm posting from Republican Republic, so I'm not sure if everything will appear correctly, but I'm doing my best. First shop we're showing is JoyFast which is very involved into racing and creates some very nice Roadster-specific parts. Second shop is RS Factory Stage who happen to develop many interesting parts for all NA, NB and NC Roadsters and recently developped a NB Rear Lip in collaboration with REV9 Autosport :) Read more

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