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Japan Post New Size Restrictions (2023)

Dear Roadster Lovers,

Unfortunately, some countries have put limitations on the most awesome shipping service in the world : Japan Post EMS (this also affects Japan Post Air Mail & ePacket).  We have used Japan Post EMS for the past 15+ years with success, pre-pandemic being a reliable 3-5 days shipping method. During and after pandemic, it’s safe to say the quality of service suffered and prices went up, but it was and is still the most cost effective way to ship “normal size” aerodynamic piece (big in volume, light in weight).

Most countries have a limit of around 150cm (longest size), which allows us to send most small aerodynamics pieces at a fraction of the cost of DHL or UPS.

Since 2023, some countries have restricted Japan Post dimensions to 105cm which means the prices shown on the website may be inaccurate for the following countries :





United Arab Emirates


Saudi Arabia




As it’s impossible for our website to distinguish the shipping dimension limits of these few countries, our website shows the EMS/Air Mail/ePacket rate for all countries, but we need to manually calculate DHL or UPS shipping price for the aforementioned countries. The calculation is done after ordering for the countries mentioned earlier, which may translate to additional shipping charges. You can contact us before ordering or we’ll inform you after the order is placed. If the extra cost is too high, we will refund you fully and cancel the order.