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The (Road)ster Trip - Houston & Austin

After travelling 10 hours straight from Birmingham, Alabama towards Houston, Texas, I was super tired, but also ultra excited about my first ever REV9 Meeting. It was really an informal meeting that was set up a day or two before, so I didn’t expect much.

I held the meeting at a local brewery called 8th Wonder Brewery. Why choose a brewery as a meeting point? Beer makes people socialize. Also, if no-one showed up, I could at least have a cold one and chill out.

Let’s start with the Houston Meeting:

First thing I did was to wash the car because it was covered in rubber:


Now it was fresh looking and ready for the meeting. I went there with our Instagram manager, Francisco. He has one of the nicest NBs I’ve ever seen. Long time customer, too.


These are actually the only two pictures I took of the meeting. I know, I’m really bad at blogging and keeping it entertaining, but luckily I’ve had some help from fellow photographers who were attending. I won’t post all the pictures as there are hundreds, but I’ll show my favourites here (in no particular order).

Photos by Alan Bynum:

The sexy lineup.


Francisco’s NB rocking Work Meister 16” Wheels (in WMB finish), Jet Stream Front Fenders, Jet Stream Side Steps & Rear Fender, Garage Vary Eyelids & Autoexe Front Bumper.

IMG_8626 IMG_8671 IMG_8790IMG_8811

His car’s interior is as awesome as the exterior. It’s a build that took so long, but just looks legendary. You can see the Jet Stream Shorty Console installed in there paired with the JoyFast Leather Handbrake Handle.


Blue NA rocking Enkei Apache-II 15” Wheels, Car Shop Glow Turn Signals, Car Make Corn’s Mirrors, Garage Vary Tail Lights & KG Works Rear Spoiler. The Merlot NA with Panasport 15” Wheels & Garage Vary Front Lip was also pretty rad looking.

IMG_8509 IMG_8553IMG_8845 IMG_8858

Harris’ work in progress! Right Hand Drive NA with Jet Stream Turn Signals, REV9 1028 Mirrors, Cusco Intake Chamber and Autoexe Ram Air Intake. The GOLD colored Carbing Front Strut Bar sure was a nice touch among the rare parts going on this car.

IMG_8573 IMG_8677

This was a really nice and clean supercharged NA. It has an awesome retro look with these Work GooCar 15” Wheels as well as the KG Works Turn Signal Intakes installed on it. The Runabout M2 Mirrors sure were a nice touch, too.

IMG_8719 IMG_8758

This was a pretty cool looking NC2 with evil eyes~


Some of the cars at the meeting made more power than the others…


Photos by Chris Diaz

Nic’s BRG with awesome RS Watanabe 14” Wheels & awesome Garage Vary Headlight Intake Lid.

image-1 image-2 image-5

It also had awesome ZOOM Tail Lights installed on it for an even cooler retro look.


Francisco’s NB back is as awesome as its front. The Chargespeed Rear Lip and Autoexe Rear Spoiler really sets it up.


And another shot of our group. The white NB had some massive 12” wide wheels up in the back to fill its widebody (and somehow, we didn’t get to take pictures of it…).


Photos by Nicholas Johnson

These are some artsy pictures and I absolutely love them. Here’s a good shot of our REV9 Sticker and he also managed to take a good picture of the ZOOM Cellphone Holder.


A Volvo showed up at the meeting. We then found out it was not a Volvo but a Toyota Cressida Wagon (and it was NEAT).


That shot is the classiest one showing what the Autowear Seat Covers look like in real life. That’s an incredible shot.


Here’s another shot of the clean supercharged NA with a very nice looking NB that was rocking some Advan 15” Wheels next to it. Unfortunately, we don’t have more shots of the NB…


And here’s a shot of my happy face after a couple of beers!


About 20 people showed up to the first meeting. It was great to put faces to names and meet other enthusiasts. I would have loved to show all the cars that were at the meeting, but I didn’t take pictures as mentioned at the beginning of the post, so that’s all I’ve got!

Now let’s see the Austin Meeting:

It was held at ACBG Brewery on a very nice Sunday afternoon. It’s also a meeting I set up pretty late. I posted the event on Saturday at 9:00 PM and it was on Sunday 1:00 PM, so I was not expecting many people to show up.

To my surprise, about 15 cars showed up (and there were 3 NDs who came by)!

(Bad) Pictures by Maxime Lacroix


We had a nice little lineup of very different types of Miatas in there.


This 2.5L NC was a track monster. It was really cool looking with the Enkei RPF-1 17” Wheels and ultra faded Sparco seats… haha! I’ve heard many stories about this car being a beast at the track. It sounded mean, too.


Austin’s bright sun is brutal on some people’s cars…

DSC_0061 DSC_0065

I was, as always, trying to show off and look pretty.


This black NB is owned by the president of the Tejas Miata Club. Very cool group that do a lot of racing and driving events.


This is an ultra clean, low mileage NA that seems to be kept in the shade as the paint was pretty immaculate. The owner is Austin from Austin.


Work in progress here. The owner had great plans for it.


Out of the four NDs at this event, three of us were in Ceramic Metallic color. The other one (not pictured) was Soul Red.


Someone arrived later with a nice M-Edition NA with that cool and rare blue color (soon to be repainted). He was waiting for his Jet Stream Headlights & Garage Vary Tail Lights to be installed before painting the car.


The 15” OEM BBS sure were nice looking in here.


So that’s pretty much it for the two meets I’ve organized (or not organized well). I’m happy with the turnout, and it’s always fun to meet new people and discover new places. I’m super happy to see that people are actually interested in seeing the demo car and are as passionate as me about the Roadsters in general. Next meeting will be held in Atlanta, GA. Follow our Facebook page to see updates on the upcoming events and you can check our previous blog posts about this trip here.