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The Road(Ster) Trip – New Orleans 2017

I’ve been to New Orleans quite a few times, but never did a proper event in the city of vice! After many request to do it, I decided to do it. It was totally worth it~


When I arrived, there were already quite a few people. The sun was hitting us HARD that day! Let’s say the night before was a bit intense for me, but I recovered nicely and met with some awesome people!


This sleeper NA with a big blower and interesting intake setup:


Neat NC on Work Emotion Wheels!


A NB with a very interesting looking hardtop:


Some cool looking NA & NB:


This dual center exhaust setup was really nice:


A slammed NA with super wide steelies & Runabout S800 Mirrors~


It was so hot, everyone had an umbrella to avoid the sunburns… I did not bring an umbrella unfortunately! I really like the neat look my car had when I was riding on those 17” Advan RZ Wheels.


This pretty cool NB with Mazda Big Lip Kit and additional ground effect was very nice:


This dark blue NB with Garage Vary Front Lip was also pretty sweet


At one point, cars were everywhere, but none were next to each other… so we decided to move some road cones and create our own parking :


Find which car does not belong in the lineup… (just kidding, we enjoy all type of Roadsters)!


… but we need a Mazda-only shot, too!


That was a lot of people for a last minute meeting!


Great parking job!


And the obligatory side shots (showing nicely our new REV9 V2 Stickers) :

(Why did that Kia come break our perfect lineup…)


And here are more photos of the event :


I hope you enjoyed this picture heavy post! I’m really sorry for making these blog post almost a year later (actually over a year later), but I really want to show how awesome this Road(Ster) Trip was!