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Karuizawa Meeting 2018 - ND Edition

Welcome back for part IIII and final blog of our Karuizawa Meeting coverage. We’ll focus on the current miata, the ND. A bunch of ND’s were on display in the vendor section. Let’s check them out!


Shop Cars

AutoExe had two demo cars which were displaying many engine bay parts. We can see the beautiful Rays 57Xtreme 17" Wheels on there.

Shown here is their Ignition Coil Cover, Intake Suction kit and Ram Air Intake.

The Strut Tower Brace stands out in the Autoexe signature red color.

Murakami Motors brought one of their race cars. Unfortunately, no hardtop. It's rocking some nice Rays ZE40 17" Wheels.

RS Factory Stage had their demo car on display. It was showcasing a Front Underspoiler and Gold 15” Enkei RPF1 wheels and a Duck Tail Spoiler. A Garage Vary Vented Hood can be seen as well.

Joyfast had a soul red NDRF with a Garage Vary Front Lip Type-2 and TUCKIN99 Bottom Line Side Skirt. It's also rocking the limited TWS (JoyFast) T-66F 16" Wheels!

Nielex had their ND on jack stands to display their Body Reinforcement Kit under the chassis. It also has a RallyBacker Hardtop installed on there.

The Esqueleto ceramic ND stood out with their blue bucket seats and their Front Lip.

Their new trunk spoiler got unveiled at Karuizawa.

Nakamae showed up with this Crystal White ND with some interior goodies.

The Nakamae Quilted Soft Top Headliner looked great!

ARRIVE’s demo car was showcasing their new KONI Suspension.

Inside we could see some red leather goods that matched the Soul Red body color nicely.

Jet’s Integral Kobe ND had their Front Lip and some Rays CE28N 16” wheels.

Car Make Corn’s demo car was quite simple with a Mazdaspeed Front Skirt and their bucket sets in tan.

S2 Racing showing off their front bumper.

Very aggressive. I quite like it.

Last but not least, Garage Vary. This car has gotten new wheels since the last time I saw it.  However, it still has the Vented Fenders, Vented Hood, Side Skirts and Front Bumper. You can also spot a cool Saito ND Roll Cage.

The rear is just as aggressive as the front with the Rear Air Duct and Ducktail Spoiler.



Awesome ND’s

Plenty of ND’s in attendance this year. Here’s a few that I liked.

An abundance of Rays TE37 Sonics 16" Wheels were spotted. Bronze on Jet Black is always a good choice!

Another Black ND with 16” Advan RZ wheels and AutoExe Rear Wing Spoiler.

This Crystal White ND had Mazdaspeed accents. You can also see nice 2-tone Autowear Seat Covers.

Leg Sport Ducktail Spoiler and 15” Rays Sonic wheels complete the look for this ND.

More MTE37’s! The front bra is very unusual on Nds.

This a good back shot of the AutoExe Rear Wing Spoiler and Knight Sports Rear Diffuser.

17” Advan RZ-II wheels looking proper on this ND.

Still not convinced you need TE37 Sonics on your car?

The CF Damd Front Lip and gold 16” SSR Formula Mesh wheels look amazing on this car.

RS Factory Stage Front Underspoiler and 17” Rays TE37V’s can be seen on this beauty.

Gunmetal 17” Advan RG-D2 wheels looking good.

Last one…..I promise. Beautiful Formula Silver MTE37 16x8 Wheels shown here!

Blue 17” Rays ZE40 wheels on blue ND = awesome.

Love this rear end! Knight Sports kit all around.

Nice mods on this one. Garage Vary Front Lip Type-2 and 16” TE37 Sonic wheels.

Same wheels as the previous car but with a more flush +25 offset.

Finally, lets end this section with my favorite! Knight Sports Trunk Spoiler and Leg Sport Club Sport Rear Diffuser and awesome wheels set this one apart.


Unique ND’s


17” Work Goocars Hemi’s! You can also spot the nice Integral Kobe Ducktail Spoiler, Autoexe Rear Diffuser and Autoexe Dual-Tail Exhaust.

Duck’s Garden aero kit!

Digging the color scheme. Fujimura Auto Vented Hood flows nicely with the aggressive front bumper.

That’s a KUHL Racing Swan Neck GT Wing.

Found a NDRF with more KUHL Racing aero.



Craziest ND’s

Interesting choice in paint and wheels.

Lime green….


This concludes our Karuizawa Meeting Coverage of 2018. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and found some inspiration for your build! Can’t wait ‘til next year!