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Karuizawa Meeting 2018 - NC Edition

Welcome back for part III of our Karuizawa Meeting coverage. We’ll focus on the 3rd generation roadster. A few NC’s were on display in the vendor section. Let’s check them out!


Shop Cars

NOPRO had this super nice yellow NC3 with their Type TA Front Bumper.

It also had the NOPRO Rear Spoiler, NOPRO Rear Underspoiler, and the beautiful NOPRO GT Spec Hardtop. Such an amazing looking car!

Barchetta had this blue and orange themed NC1 with 18” Enkei RPF1 wheels.

Car Make Corn’s brought this off-road NC. This seems to be new trend in Japan.

These two were representing S2 Racing.

The owner of Jet Stream had his personal NC on display.  It has a Jet Stream Top Nose Duct, Jet Stream N-Zero Front Lip, and Jet Stream Clubman R01 Side Steps.

Interesting fact, those are R32 GTR wheels.


Awesome NC’s

Now the NC’s that caught my eye in attendance.

This grey NC rocking a Garage Vary NC3 Front Lip on Enkei wheels looks so good.

Another grey roadster with an aggressive front bumper and Odula Cooling Hood.

NOPRO with eyeballs :p

Stock NC with a good stance and wheels.

Garage Vary Glide Lip Spoiler looks great in white.

Garage Vary Eye Lids are a small mod but make a great improvement aesthetically.

Bronze Rays TE37’s on a white car is always a good choice.

Oh my … the Enkei RPF-1 Wheels, Garage Vary Front Spoiler and everything color combo is incredible. Classy.

I’m digging these wheels. Advan Wheels always have sweet spot in my heart.


Unique NC’s

These NC’s had a unique quality to them.

Aggressive NC with a cool front bumper and pandas.

Unique wheels! I quite like them. OEM Special Edition BBS.

Mismatching finishes on the wheels and the graphics set this one apart. So cool though! The Jet Stream N-Zero Front Lip & Jet Stream PRHT Ducktail Spoiler really look nice in here.

Craziest NC’s

This NC had a matte finish with so many aggressive parts! I spy some Murakami Carbon Mirrors, NOPRO PRHT Rear Spoiler and NOPRO Rear Diffuser.


Next week, I’ll go over the ND shop cars and the ND’s in attendance. Hope you enjoyed this post!