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Karuizawa Meeting 2018 – NB Edition

Part II of our Karuizawa coverage! We’ll focus on the NB. Unfortunately, NB’s got no love in the vendor section. So, we’ll skip to the NB’s in attendance~


Awesome NB’s

Here’s the NB’s that stood out from the rest.

This NB was rocking the 3 piece Jetstream Front Lip.

Rays 15” Gram lights 57v look great on the NB.

Rays MTE37’s in Formula Silver make this stock NB look great.

Another stock NB with a great stance and wheel fitment.

This RS Aizawa front bumper is so awesome! Mini Viper ?

In attendance was the RE Amemiya 13B NB. Very popular car that turned heads at the Tokyo Auto Salon a few years back.

It has a Renesis 13B motor from a RX8.

Horsepower is around 250hp

Love the mods on this one! Garage Vary Hardtop (Fastback), Jet Stream Rear Bumper Lower Diffuser, and the US Racing Sports Duck Tail Trunk.

The front of this 10AE was just as good. Custom projector fitted headlights and a Garage Vary Front Lip.

My favorite NB goes to this coupe. It has the Jet Stream Rear Diffuser, NOPRO trunk spoiler, and some nice fitted Volk Racing CE28N black wheels.

The rear Carbing Tow Hook is a nice touch.

This NB2 has the Jet Stream Clubman NB1 Front Lip, Clubman R Side Steps and Jet Stream Door Handle Covers. Yup, you read that right…it’s a NB1 front bumper with NB2 headlights. Nicely executed!

The Arrive Devil GT Wing is a popular choice in Japan.

Lastly, this yellow NB looks great on 14” TE37’s.


Unique NB’s

These are the NB’s that made the unique list.

What a way to start this category but with this pink NOPRO widebody NB. The NOPRO Vented Hood is the most aggressive-looking one we carry.

You are probably wondering if it was owned by a female….

I really don’t know. The owner wasn’t around. The NOPRO Wide Rear Spoiler is something else though.

A few Monocraft front conversions were spotted.

This one had Morette tails and a center exit exhaust.

A Jet Stream GT200 Kit (without front section) with a unique paint scheme.

This back NB1 had white accents. Interesting for sure. The RS Factory Stage Front Lip looks great in there.

Monocraft with flares. Pretty aggressive looking. The 16" RS Watanabe R-Type really compliment the car very well!

This NB covered with D-technique parts was unique for sure.

Another Jet Stream with GT200 Widebody Kit spotted among the sea of cars.


 Craziest NB’s

This NB2 wins this category. Off road with style (Work CR01 Wheels!).


Next week, I’ll go over the NC shop cars and the NC’s in attendance. Hope you enjoyed this post!