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Karuizawa Meeting 2018 - NA Edition

Every May I make my annual journey to Japan to attend the Karuizawa Meeting. It’s my favorite time of the year!

The Karuizawa Meeting is by far the most popular Miata meet in Japan (and maybe the world). This car meet is a good opportunity to see what new in the Miata world as many vendors come out to display the new parts they have released. This blog will go over the NA shop cars and some of the awesome, unique, and craziest NA’s in attendance.


NA Shop Cars

Garage Hundred One is a regular at Karuizawa. This year they brought this beautiful NA sporting their new NA Front Lip and NA Ducktail Spoiler. Love the color scheme on this car with the bronze Rays CE28N 15" Wheels.

Look how tall their duck tail spoiler is! If you closely, you can see the corners have a unique design to them. You can also spot their NA Aero Mirror.

KenAuto brought back their blue NA with Rays TE37v 15" Wheels. I guess they were big fans of the royal wedding. Congrats Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! You can also see the Murakami Carbon Fiber Mirrors on this car~

Barchetta made an appearance with this yellow track car on 14” bronze MTE37’s.

Nakamae had this very clean silver roadster with steelies & Runabout M2 Mirror.

Jetstream always has the coolest shop cars at Karuizawa. For the NA, they showcased one of their customers cars. Love the custom integration of the NC rear diffuser and the custom CF uprights for the Arrive Devil GT Wing. You can also spot the Brightning Tail Light Covers, the Jet Stream Hardtop Spoiler & the rear section of the Jet Stream Fender Flares.

Garage Vary had a red shop car with so many of their parts. Most notably, the new low-profile NA Duck Tail Trunk Spoiler and NA Rear Diffuser. You can also see their beautiful DIY Tail Lights as well as the NA Fastback Hardtop.

Jet’s Integral Kobe also made an appearance to showcase a few of their parts. They are known for their sporty exhaust systems. They were showcasing their new NA Clubman Replacement Muffler. You could also spot the sexy Rays TE37 Sonic 15" Wheels!

Wondering why there’s a steering column assembly on top of the car? Jet’s has developed an Electric Power Steering System for the NA. The price tag for this puppy…..$4,000 installed!


Awesome NA’s

Let’s check out the NA’s spotted in the massive parking lots at Karuizawa! There were so many to choose from, but these made it to our “awesome” list.

This red and blue NA with fender mirrors. Classic. Both are rocking the 100% custom NA Front Conversion by Shinkai.

Garage Hundred One customer car. All black accessories (showcasing beautiful Jet Stream Turn Signal Intakes) except for the classic Runabout M2 Mirrors!

It has the duck tail spoiler seen earlier.

NA with S2 Racing Front Bumper in merlot fashion (rocking beautiful Rays TE37V 15" Wheels).

These guys stood out! I personally call them the Skittles~

Another sweet merlot with Enkei Big End Rodders & beautiful S2 Racing Tail Lights. The roll cage is by Saito!

Some deep dish steelies!

MTE37’S can transform the look of any car. Check out the wide front and rear fenders.

Love the Work wheels and BRIDE seats. The Project-G Bikini Top is spot-on and the OE-Style Rear Lip completes the car very nicely.

Love the dark green pin stripe all along the OEM groove of the car. Such a clever idea! Looks beautiful.

The RS Factory Stage Trunk Spoiler gives this NA a great look.

Barchetta Front Bumper with Hayashi Street CR 15" Wheels looks great!

Finally, these two awesome Pitcrew’s. Sorry, no front shots. The green one has Pit Crew Rear End, RS Watanabe R-Type 16" Wheels & SO many cool parts!


Unique NA’s

These NA’s are unique in many ways which is not necessarily a bad thing.

^^ This one has a very unique KG Works Rear Louvers that was discontinued LONG ago and made in very small quantities. Also, spot the beautiful Jet Stream Type-1 Spoiler!

Craziest NA’s

This category speaks for itself.

Any Hello Kitty fans?

You look dashing.

We hope you enjoyed the coverage at Karuizawa Meeting 2018!