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The Road(Ster) Trip - Phoenix

The Phoenix trip was one I was really looking forward to. First of all, I’ve never been to Arizona and second was that I had many customers from that area and I wanted to see how was the scene.

The place is really nice (and dry). Weather was great and I've had lots of fun climbing Camelback Mountain.

The sunset was pretty early, so pictures are not the best, unfortunately! The even was held at Helio Basin Brewing Company parking lot.


That’s pretty much the only Miata I’ve seen that doesn’t mind hitting a curb! Offroad baby!


Lowered ND & NA looking good~


It’s funny to see that just a few months ago, my gold ND was exactly the same as the car it’s parked next to. Also, notice the SUPER RARE Wataru NA!


The Wataru NA has just been imported by the owner who owns several Miatas. This one is a factory built (means they put the kit on a brand new NA) and I believe the total production of this model was only 20 or so units.

It’s crazy to see that the engine opening is so small and the rear so different than OEM (really cool dual muffler setup). It’s such a cool looking NA, I was amazed to see this in Arizona!


Those 2 NA’s were super neat!


The 15x8 Enkei RPF1-RS Wheels & ZOOM Fuel Lid look really nice on there.


And maaaany people showed up too!


It was a really fun meet and I’m so happy so many people decided to drive to come and see our demo car!


I also ended up on Youtube!


The next day, I decided to do some sightseeing, I was not disappointed!

And this photo is one of my favorite of this trip. Showing nicely the 17x8 Advan RZ Wheels, Rallybacker Ducktail Spoiler, Beatrush Tow Hook & Odula Rear Diffuser!


I hope you enjoyed this other episode of The Road(Ster) Trip! Next stop… Grand Canyon & Las Vegal!