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The Road(Ster) Trip - Santa Fe

This post is about the mini-meet we organized in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Let me first begin by saying that it was the very first time I went that far by car in USA.

I was really impressed by the scenery in New Mexico, but also, by how slow my car felt. My car is a naturally aspirated built, getting its power mainly from the Autoexe Ram Air Intake. When I started going uphill and uphill and… uphill in New Mexico, my car felt like it lost 50hp. It didn’t help that no premium gas was available where I needed to fill up and my car was also running on 86 octane (I didn’t even know that existed…).


My car was also having terrible MPG (for a ND…) :


I gotta say that I’ve had one hell of a good lunch, gotta love the BBQ scene in USA:


It was such a long day of driving that I just took a few quick photos :


Then, I arrived at Santa Fe Brewing :


The sunset was pretty early. At one point, a few enthusiasts made it to the event and I took pictures (the very worst…)! I have to thank the person who used his flash to help me take all those pictures. They are really bad, but at least we tried!


This one had the really cool fender mirrors mounted!



It’s not often that you see 2 cars running the same purple at a meet! It also had Car Make Corn’s Retro Mirrors installed!


It was getting pretty hard to focus… super dark!


And this heavily modified NB came up with many of our REV9 Stickers on his car ^_^


Engine was definitely not stock!


Funnily enough, while showing off the engine bay of my ND, we found a wrench sitting on the rain guard… no wonder my hood didn’t fit properly! That probably happened when we installed my Beatrush Front Strut Bar in the dark... haha!

Well, it was now time to take a little break and enjoy some delicious beers~

We hope that you enjoyed this short blog post! We know we are really late posting it, but we believe it’s worth documenting the best trip we’ve ever done!