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The Road(Ster) Trip - Dallas

Our Dallas event was not supposed to happen (this city was not in my route in the beginning), but many people asked for it and we decided to organize it. It became one of the biggest event we’ve hosted!

The event created a lot of “controversy” because it happened at the same time as an other regular event (hosted at a fast food joint called Keller’s) which had been going on for a very long while. We almost cancelled the event due to many people criticizing our choice of location (we’ve always been doing events in Microbreweries), but we decided to give it a go. For those who didn’t come to our event or those wondering why we didn’t go at their regular location, it’s an easy explanation. The REV9 USA Tour goal was to bring people who want to see our demo car, and share the same passion as we do. We didn’t want to just show up at other’s meeting. We wanted to promote the legit cars and see our valued customers from everywhere in USA!

Anyways, as we said, no need for drama and let’s enjoy each others! When I arrived at Community Brewing, many people were already there. The parking lot was huge and we parked the cars in a nice line…



(As you can see, A LOT of people showed up)!


I decided to take a photo of pretty much everyone who decided to join the event, before the sunset :


(Very neat 1993LE here!)


(Spot the Enkei Big End Barrel 15” Wheels on this NA)


(Lots of power in this picture!)


(Interesting NB with red top!)


(Sweet NC2 on Enkei RPF1 17” Wheels!)


(That NA was battle-ready!)


Really, a lot of people showed up!


By a lot, I mean a lot…


Some people showed late and couldn’t make it in the group image…


I met some awesome people, and had a really great time at a small after-party in Intrinsinc Smokehouse & Brewing (my 2 favorite things)!


After the event, I decided to drive towards a location I’ve seen on so many pictures, I needed to see it myself… Amarillo, TX!


The location itself is called “Cadillac Ranch” and is known for having many Cadillacs buried where you can just paint over it… really artsy!


Good luck getting a picture with no body in the frame…

(This shot shows nicely the TK-Style Carbon Front Lip, Advan RZ 17" Wheels & Rallybacker Ducktail Spoiler)!

Gotta love the windfarms!


I don’t mind getting dirty for a cool shot!

(Good shot showing our REV9 Katanaka Banner as well as the REV9 V2 Stickers!)


A few more...


… and one of my favorite shot of the whole trip!


After that, I was heading towards Phoenix, AZ and decided to do some photoshoots during my drive…


(Calm before the storm!)


I hope you enjoyed this blog post! It’s 1 year late, but still, I’ll cover this whole Road(Ster) Trip as it was the best time of my life!