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The Road(Ster) Trip – Las Vegas

It’s Vegas Baby! It was  my next stop after going to the awesome Phoenix meeting. I decided to do a quick stop at the Grand Canyon and then continue my journey to the Sin City!

What a beautiful scenery!

I then organized my event at Tenaya Creek Brewery in a very odd but interesting neighborhood. It was a last minute event (as usual), but an astonishing number of people showed up! I was not used to the time change and daylight wasn’t with us for very long

My favorite car of the event must be Eddie’s Pit Crew NA! This car was so perfect, at so many levels!

From the exterior, you can easily spot the Pit Crew Front End, (Discontinued) Project-G G-Fusers, Runabout M2 Mirrors and awesome & super rare SSR Longchamps!

Not only did it look good from the outside, but the engine bay was also worth a look (I really failed at taking those pictures):

The car was running a wild sounding IRTB Kit as well as a very nicely designed header (the Right Hand Drive cars can have sweet designs due to the steering column being on the other side).

And let’s not forget the interior that’s really Nakamae inspired! It’s featuring a SUPER RARE Nielex Stainless Console, the Nardi Classico Wood & Polished Steering Wheel and the neat KG Works Door Handles.

Let’s not forget the rear. The car really was a perfect complete build… it had the Pit Crew Rear End, Pit Crew Dual Center Muffler, ZOOM Back Lamp Kit and a very cool and discontinued Kanspo Hardtop.

What a cool car!

Another unique car came up, a cool NA with carbureted 13B rotary engine!


A lot of people showed up as well!


(Thanks for the REV9 Sticker!)


At that point, the meeting was going pretty well!


I have to apologize for the bad quality pictures! I’m no photograph, but I try to do my best with the lighting that’s provided by mother nature~


At one point, it looked like a drift crew showed up!

(This one was pretty neat looking)

(Gotta love the SUGOI license plate~)


Fitment specialist, anyone?

He was rocking the Jet Stream Lower Diffuser very nicely!


Gotta love the old school SSR Mesh wheels here~


And more people showed up!

(Did I say some were pretty low…!)


Lastly, some fellow ND showed up as I was starting to feel lonely!

This one has the beautiful Garage Vary Rear Spoiler.

Showing that the Autoexe Rear Diffuser even looks great in the dark!

This customer also had installed the DAMD Seat Covers in his left hand drive (LHD) ND which looks spot-on!

The REV9 Side Stickers were shining even at night, I was pretty happy with the result. Some other parts noticeable on this image are the Advan RZ 17” Wheels, TK Style Carbon Front Lip, Beatrush Tow Hook & REV9 Katakana Windshield Banner!


It was an awesome meeting and I’d like to thank everyone who showed up!