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ND's at Tokyo Auto Salon 2019

January of every year is a special time thanks to Tokyo Auto Salon.  We saw a few ND's this year but overall nothing too exciting. Despite this, Mazda did surprised us with a new ND part many of you were asking for.

Let's get started!


Autoexe brought out a sweet looking Machine Gray Metallic RF.  It's sporting a ND-05S Front Bumper.

The car was also rocking 17” Rays Gram Lights 57XTREME Wheels which looked really nice with the paint color.

The back of the vehicle was showcasing their ND Rear Spoiler , Rear Diffuser and their Dual-tip Centered Exhaust.

Inside the interior, we saw some goodies that we just added to the web store recently. Like this Autoexe Smart Key Cover.

Also, the Autoexe Carbon Paddle Shift Covers.

Lastly, the Autoexe Fuel Cap Cover. My favorite!

Leg Sport

Leg Sport came out again with the same Mariner Blue ND we've seen the past 3 years. Never gets old to see it though!

Here we see the Leg Sport Front Lip and Carbon Cooling Grille.

Gotta love carbon fiber!

In the rear, we see the Leg Sport Club Sport Rear Diffuser painted to match the body and the Ducktail Spoiler in carbon fiber.

The Leg Sport Club Sport Side Skirts were also on display. They are very small but they flow with the body lines very well.

Their ND Roll Bar was also on display which comes with carbon fiber panels to fill the gaps created from the install. Super nice.

Garage Vary

Garage Vary brought out their Demo car which everyone is familiar with by now. This time with with a few new parts.

The new super aggressive Front Bumper is hard to miss.

I'm wondering how it would look with the integrated canards painted.

Also new are these Fender Canards!

They look so good with the Vented Fenders!

This is a nice view of the Garage Vary Side Steps.

Out in the back, we see the Garage Vary Ducktail SpoilerRear Air Duct, and Rear Diffuser T-2. Also shown is a padded Carbing Roll Cage.

Inside we see the super cool Garage Vary Meter Gauge Hood.

Under the bonnet, we see the Garage Vary's Ram Air Intake System with carbon fiber housing.


R-Spec made a appearance again.

Their ND Half Bumper is still very striking.

Their ND Rear Spoiler comes with a integrated back up camera!

The blue 18” Work Meister Wheels matches the company's color scheme.


Mazda had a large booth with a few ND's. The most exciting unveiling was on this ND.

Carbon Fiber Hard Top !

It's perfect!

Also in the Mazda booth were a few ND race cars from HM Racers and Cabana.


We hope you enjoyed our (short) coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon 2019! We can't wait to see what 2020 brings for the ND roadster.

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