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The Road(Ster) Trip - San Diego

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this series of posts. I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been really busy with running the store and improving all the logistics.

Now, I gotta admit, my new favorite city in USA is definitely San Diego. I’ve met countless awesome people, loved the vibe of the place… it’s so beautiful.

Okay, enough of this, but one last shot showing the beauty of the place :

That’s a good shot showing our new REV9 Door Decals!

The meeting was a little bit last minute like most of our meets, ha. We held the meeting at a brewery I wanted to visit for a very long : Green Flash Brewing.

Here are the pictures:

You probably notice something interesting with the emblem of this white ND? Well, it’s rocking the very cool Garage Vary Emblem Intake! It’s super subtle, but actually functional.

The very next car was running quite a special kit…

Gotta love the crooked mirrors and fitment on this one!

This one is from a long time customer! You can see the Garage Vary Front Lip, Runabout S800 Mirrors and Enkei Apache-II Wheels.

I tried to take a good shot of the interior as it was really worthy, but it was getting pretty late! The interior was really classy with some old school bucket seats, JoyFast Shift Knob, JoyFast GT400 Shift Extender and Nardi 330MM Wood & Polished Spokes Steering Wheel. You can also spot the Nakamae Transmission Tunnel Trims!

Here are a bunch of NA's who showed up.

And this one with cool 15x8 Gram Lights Wheels!

Even more Roadsters showed up!

This one was rocking the Jet Stream Turn Signal Intakes as well as very cool 15” Gram Lights 57V Wheels!

And even more people showed up!

Needless to say that for a last minute event, the number of people who showed up was quite impressive!

Ham (the legend) even showed up!

We were so busy with the event that we got locked in the parking lot… good thing we’re not driving lifted trucks!

We want to thank all of you who showed up! It was great to see so many people interested in seeing us.