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The Road(Ster) Trip – Key West & Tampa Meeting

Oh, it’s been a while we’ve done a blog post! This one is mainly about our meeting in Tampa during August of 2017! Yep, we’re almost 1 year late, but the blog post is pretty awesome.

I’m sorry about the time it took, we’ve been busy improving our service and shipping time lately! We’ll continue posting the other Road(Ster) Trip Blog Posts in the next few weeks~ LOTS of awesome pictures to show!

So, I first started by going to the Southernmost point of USA : Key West. It’s a beautiful drive that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys ocean views!

This shot shows the TK Style Front Lip and Odula Side Skirts (both in Carbon Fiber finish) pretty well :

Here are some more images of the photo shoot before showing the image from the Tampa Meeting:

My favorites…

Such a nice place….


But it was time to leave….


Key West to Tampa was a long drive. I was not so lucky on this one… it rained the whole time, but I also managed to hit a road reflector which flew off under my car and made by whole side skirt panel to fall off…

I did not notice until someone pointed at my car, and I knew something was wrong…

Unfortunately, it was too late…



Luckily, I had some stickers from many visit at breweries which I used to make the side skirt hold to the side of the car… temporarily.


Let’s move on to the Tampa Meet! I arrived and there were quite many people already! I had a good excuse to be late… haha! Here are the photos :


This NA was such a neat car. Working some (narrow) Work Equip 03 15” Wheels, KG Works Ducktail Spoiler and ZOOM Carbon Fiber Mirrors :


This was pretty awesome :


Gotta love this NA rocking the new Work Equip 40 Wheels, REV9 OE-Style Mirrors & Jubiride Fender Flares!


Here’s another nice car with Garage Vary Front Lip & Work Equip 01 Wheels!


Alex’s NB rocking NUE Front Wider Fender Flares & NUE Rear Wide Fender Flares was filthy!


Dope door panels by my friend at Spinnywoosh:


And then the rain came… (what’s up Tatiana?)


V6 ND!


Had to take a good shot of this beauty… the Jet Stream Type-2 Ducktail Spoiler for NA! So perfect.


Special mention for the NB with custom made rally lights with plexi glass cover!


And the lowest ND I ever saw joined the party (rocking 16x8 +0 wheels) :



Here are some photos of other cars I could take before rain became unbearable :


It was an awesome meeting! It’s a shame that the weather was not with us, but we’ve had an awesome time!


We ended up doing a party at Spinnywoosh’s place… it ended up being pretty Miataseque-epic!


We hope you enjoyed this very late post about our Road(Ster) Trip to Tampa! You can check the previous posts using this link and we’ll continue adding more posts in the coming weeks!