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The Road(Ster) Trip - Los Angeles feat. Project-G

At this rhythm, I’ll finish publishing my 2017 Roadster Trip by year 2025… I’m really sorry about all the time it takes to produce these blog posts, but we’ve been really busy improving the website speed, design and small things that you cannot see but makes the experience at our store more enjoyable!


So, here’s my post about the trip, of the city of angels: Los Angeles!


I gotta say, LA was one of the places I did enjoy the most during my trip. What a lively city.

Beautiful beaches…


Self-serve craft beer bars…!


Beverly Hills, wow!


And one hell of a cool sunset!


Did I, at one point, feel like at the beginning of The Fast And Furious... yup!


We announced the event a few weeks before it and our fine friends at Project-G helped us promote the event with this cool banner!


The event was planned as follows : we meet in a huge parking (Peter’s Marina) and then we go on a drive for photoshoot on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). Unfortunately, things did not go as smooth as planned… haha!

This meeting was by far the BIGGEST one we did! Over 100+ Miatas showed up and we literally created traffic everywhere we moved haha!


I gotta say that the meeting location was PACKED before we arrived, so there were Roadsters everywhere! Really early in the meeting, we were asked to move the meeting, so all the photos I took were a bit rushed (sorry for bad quality)!


Here are the photos at Peter’s Marina :

This is the famous JonB’s NA Miata. It’s rocking some pretty rare Rays TE37 SL in 15x8 +25 and you can see it’s rocking the Project-G Corner Flares, (discontinued) Side G-Fusers & G-String Bikini Top! Such a clean car modded with taste!

This is Steve’s (from Project-G) NA with ultra-rare one-of-a-kind SSR EXC Fins 15” Wheels. You can also see the Project-G Corner Flares, (discontinued) Side G-Fusers & G-String Bikini Top as well as their new G-Vents!

This one is Joe’s (Steve’s partner) which is pretty much rocking the same parts as the previous one, but on a red car! The wheels are super nice SSR SP1R 15” Wheels~

This BRG NA was so clean! It had a neat tan color Project-G Bikini Top and some beautiful Runabout S800 Mirrors! The wheels were super wide Star Road Glowstar MSS 15” Wheels!

This NA was had some pretty wide/low offset Work CR01 15” Wheels.

This NC probably has my favorite wheel fitment ever. It had some very concave (now discontinued) Advan RS 17” Wheels!

Some more photos…

So, this was the end of our meet at Peter’s Marina, we had to move. It was good while it lasted~


We then tried to move to different location, but as I don’t know any place in Los Angeles, I told everyone to meet on PCH (which is a HUGE road)… all you could see is confused Miatas driving everywhere in every direction.


We somehow managed to find the parking lot of a restaurant that was not opened and we filled it completely.


As I was enjoying the awesomeness of such a thing, it took about 2 minutes before a security guard kicked us of our 2nd meeting in the same day. I tried to grab as many pictures as I could, so these were rushed (again). Hope you’ll enjoy, still!

Some intruders can be seen…~

Gotta love the near Enkei RPF1 15” Wheels on this silver NB~

This is Chris’ ND, he was one of our first customers to drill the trunk of their ND to fit a GT Wing. What a neat result. Car has the Odula Front Lip and Odula Carbon GT Wing. He gave me a Jackson Racing T-Shirt when we met (thanks!!).

Very cool (and rough) NA!

Peter-san’s NA with the Garage Vary Tail Lights, some ultra-rare SSR Star Shark 14” Wheels, the REV9 1028 Mirrors, full Nakamae interior, Barchetta Front Bumper, Garage Vary Headlight Lid and so much more! What a clean car.

Lee’s ultra clean ND that somehow reminded me of my car before the color change! It had the nice Rays ZE40 17” Wheels, Runduce Big Brake Kit, Kansai Service Front Diffusers, TUCKIN99 Side Skirts, TK Style Rear Diffuser & Garage Vary Rear Spoiler! This is such a quality build, the photos don’t do it justice.

Here’s Sean’s (just-finished) NC that was rocking the Jet Stream Gran Turismo Fender Flares as well as some super rare (and wide) SSR 17” (Type-C?) Wheels. The Front Lip was the Garage Vary Glide Front Lip!


Here’s another ND that had an out-of-this-world shine (owner was a professional car detailer)! It had the Garage Vary Glide Front Lip, some (discontinued) Rays MTE37 17” Wheels, Rocket Bunny Rear Diffuser and Rallybacker Low Ducktail Spoiler! Love the “ND RF” plate~

Look at those SUPER WIDE Rays TE37v 15” Wheels~

Some more photos…

It all ended up with the best way to end a trip… getting caught at 90mph in a 65 zone…

I want to thank EVERYONE who came to this messy event! I’m sorry I was not able to talk with so many people due to being rushed out of both locations, but I do appreciate how nice it was for everyone to leave their place to meet us during their weekends! Special thanks for Joe & Steve at Project-G for helping me throughout the years and to organize this meeting, love you guys! I’ve added some more content (below) if you want to see more (nicer) photos and video!

Video of the event :


More photos : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003103025512&sk=media_set&set=a.1404578649655556.1073742134.100003103025512&type=1&l=ee1ee4e4e0