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  • The ND MX5 RF & NB Roadsters at Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

    Here’s the interesting part of TAS2017 for the Miata lovers! We will do a coverage on Blitz, Bride, Mazda & Shorin. Check it out as it shows the newest parts coming for 2017! Read more
  • The new wheels from Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

    This is my first post for our coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017. You can check our other blog posts about TAS2016 that we attended last year, too. Read more
  • Visit at Rallybacker (Featuring ND MX-5 Widebody)

    During my last trip in Japan, I received a call from Rallybacker, as they knew I was about to visit Hiroshima, where their shop is. They kept the call short, but said that they wanted to show me some new products. As I visited them just a few months ago, I told them that if they didn’t have anything for Mazda Roadster, I would probably skip this meeting due to a very tight schedule. They just answered that they had awesome new products for the ND Miata, so I got pretty excited about it! Read more
  • AVO Turbo Kit for 2.0L ND MX-5 Miata Now Available!

    We are happy to be one of AVO Turbo World dealers for their newly released MX5 ND 2.0L (Skyactiv) Turbo Kit that produces 210whp & 210ft/lb of torque from the stock 13:1 compression engine! Read more
  • Fujimura Exhaust For 2016+ ND MX-5 Review

    There is an ancient proverb that says: “Loud Pipes Save Lives”. This is particularly true when your car looks invisible to most truck drivers. I’ve always had Miatas with aftermarket exhausts and never liked them to be ultra loud. In my NA, I was rocking the RS*R Invidia Exhaust (which had a slightly louder tone than stock, but with a much sportier sound). In my NB, I had the RS Factory Stage N-Zero2 Exhaust which was pretty silent until you hit full throttle. Those were some nice “feeling” mods as you could hear the engine as you pushed it. Read more
  • 5000 miles in a 2016 (Modified) ND MX-5 Miata

    If you followed my whole adventure: The Road(ster) Trip, you probably noticed that it was a LOT of mileage on a non-stock vehicle. The car is lowered (on coilovers), has wider tires, a loud exhaust, a few engine modifications, minimal chassis bracing and some comfort modifications. It’s not heavily modified, but it’s far from having the same feeling as the stock car, too. Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip - Vermont & Home (The Final Part)

    After doing some sightseeing in Boston, I headed to my final USA destination: Burlington, Vermont (and then home, to Quebec, Canada). I was sad the awesome trip was coming to an end, but at the same time I was starting to feel that I deserved to sleep in a real bed. I was getting closer to it. Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip – The carless experience

    At some point during the Roadster Trip, I had to take a little break from driving. For my own sanity. I’ve decided to share with you this part of my trip, as it was totally worth it. Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip - Charleston

    First of all, I’d like to apologize about the lack of updates on the Roadster Trip. So, after a long ride from Atlanta, I did quick stop in Charleston. I decided to organize a very last minute meeting at Holy City Brewing. The weather was awesome, location was awesome, beer was awesome, cars were awesome but most importantly, the people were incredible! Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip - Atlanta (Part II)

    On my way down to Texas, I stopped to Atlanta to have some parts installed at R-Speed. I didn’t do any meetings because I had a lot of work (emails) to take care of and I wasn’t ready to organize anything yet. I also knew I had to stop in the city again on my way back. Read more

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