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Rallybacker Hardtop for 2016+ ND MX-5 Miata Unveiled!

This morning, I didn't expect to receive an email with pictures of a hard top. I received a short email from Rallybacker, not any description, just pictures. Subject was : Rallybacker New Part for ND.

I was in bed, just checking everything quickly and when I downloaded the pictures, I thought they were showing the ND Small Ducktail Spoiler (available soon). However, after looking more and zooming over the top of that car, I noticed that it's actually a hardtop!

They promised me that they would come with a hardtop for the car (and specified that it would have a sexy shape), but I didn't expect to arrive so quickly!

Now, let's stop the suspense and show pictures of the ND Hardtop!


And one last just in case you didn't have enough...

From the pictures, it looks like it reuses the factory window from the soft top. I am not sure if you can keep the soft top or if you need to remove it. Also, it looks like the front section stands higher (maybe for head clearance). I'll have more details about it very soon.

UPDATE 2017-02-05
Here are some additional information we got from Rallybacker:
1. This hardtop goes OVER the genuine soft top. There are 4 points to fix it with bolts, but drilling is not required. It takes 5 minutes for installation.
2. Soft top stays up
3. Back window is the genuine window from actual soft top
4. It's made of 1 piece
5. Target price is ~$2000-$2500 + shipping

You can contact us at info@rev9autosport.com if you're interested in getting it.