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The ND MX-5s at Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

Since last year, the Roadsters are more popular than ever at Tokyo Auto Salon. 2017 is no exception, and if you missed our blog post about the RF & NB at TAS2017, don’t forget to check it out! This blog post is about the Soft Top ND that were displayed during the show.


Here are the NDs that caught our attention:

Autoexe :

Autoexe came up with their new ND Front Bumper that was released just before New Year’s evening. It’s really nice and gives the ND an even more aggressive front end. The car was also rocking 17” Rays Gram Lights 57XTREME which really looked nice on there. The back of the vehicle was showing their ND Rear Spoiler and their single-tip ND Premium Tail Muffler.

Knight Sports :

The car was unchanged from what they brought last year, except for the new ND Side Steps. They also showed nicely the ND Front & Rear Diffusers, ND Rear Spoiler & ND Titanium Exhaut on the vehicle and some 17” Advan RZ-II Wheels & ND Big Brake Kit.

Leg Sport :

Leg Sport came up with their (already) legendary Mariner Blue ND. This year, they were showing their newly released ND Roll Bar that comes with panels (made of carbon fiber) to fill the area of the plastics that are removed. It bolts to the floor and does not require modification to the vehicle.

They also had their ND Winshield Washer & Oil Catch Can Combo, ND Silicon Intake (soon to be released for 2.0L engine) & ND Front Strut Bar.

From the outside, it was rocking their ND Front Lip, their ND Carbon Fiber Front Grille (with intake), a funky graphic showing what the engine bay looks like and their ND Ducktail Spoiler! The wheels on it were 17” WedSports SA72R. It also had their awesome sounding ND Titanium Exhaust.


Mazda :

Mazda showed just one soft top ND at the show. It was a very subtle change that only the Roadster amateurs would notice… the car was Classic Red. It looked pretty fine, if you ask me!

They also showed a girl, and I noticed that there was a MX-5 cup hidden behind her! The 17” Rays ZE40 really look nice on there, light & strong!


Monza Japan :

Monza Japan is a company that sells wheels and they collaborated with Ducks Garden to show their ND Front Bumper, ND Side Skirts, ND Rear Spoiler & ND Rear Bumper. They also were rocking Endless Big Brake Kit.


RK Design :

RK Design came this year with their pretty neat ND Demo Car that has satin paint job. The car had their ND Front Canards, ND Rear Spoiler, ND Quad-Tip Muffler, ND Side Inlet Ducts & ND Side Outlet Ducts. The car also had 17” RK Design Wheels & Rotora Big Brake Kit.

R-Spec :

R-Spec showed their demo car that has ND Half Bumper (inspired by Jaguar), 18” Work Meister Wheels and a ND Rear Spoiler (with integrated back up camera)! The car also had a front camera and plenty of monitors on the inside.


Silk Blaze :

Silk Blaze showed their ND Demo Car with a nice black, white & red theme. The car was showcasing their ND Front Lip, ND Front Bumper Duct, ND Side Steps, ND Rear Spoiler, ND Rear DiffuserND Quad Tip Muffler (made by Rowen). Wheels were 18” Work Seeker FX and looked really nice on there.

They also surprised us with some nice looking ND Seat Covers (contact us for availability). They have nice matching red stitching & carbon-like center. Fitment looked pretty spot-on.


Bonus : Cabana Rally 124

Cabana (the company that showed a BRG ND MX-5 http://rev9autosport.com/blog/cabana-brg-nd-miata-shop-car-at-tas2016/last year) came with a rally looking Fiat 124!

We hope you enjoyed our (short) coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017! As you can see, there is a lot of diversity and that’s what makes the world of tuning more than awesome (it would be boring if we all looked the same, no?)! We have MUCH more awesome content to come throughout the year~

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