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REV9 Autosport ND RF Demo Car (Project Classy)

When they unveiled the ND RF, my first saying was “oh man, why did I buy the soft top”… and the more I saw them, the more envious I was about that car. Mazda literally marketed the car as more of a refined  ND (for city driving?) rather than the open top sports car. That photoshoot from Mazda just made me want one so bad…

(Credit : Mazda Corporation of USA)

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to pull the trigger on a brand new 2017 ND RF and give back my ND Soft Top to the dealership. It was a pretty good decision if you ask me… and I’m proud to be able to unveil the car on my blog, with photos taken at the (almost?) same spot as Mazda did about a year ago!

I called this demo car The Project Classy, because it made so much sense. The color is beautiful and really makes the car look “high class”.  I’ve had the car just for 2 weeks, but I’ve made it up to my taste already and only a few mods will be done to it in the future. The goal is to make one perfect street car that almost looks like it came that way from factory.

Here is what I installed so far:

Rallybacker Low Type Ducktail Spoiler   

This is probably my favorite mild-wild ducktail spoiler for ND. When Rallybacker released it, I knew this one was the one I would run on my ND. It looks great on both the Soft Top and RF! It's so neat looking that most people who don't know much about the ND think it's a factory option.


Odula Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

This is also a mild-wild modification. Everyone notices it, as it really gives the car one aggressive look to the rear end.


Integral Kobe N1 Spec Exhaust Type-US

This exhaust is not legal in Japan. It’s because it is *just* a little louder than what is allowed (and they reduce the allowed level every few years). It is literally the best sounding exhaust I ever saw for the ND and couldn’t be more pleased. It is silent on highway and when you open the throttle, it unleashes the awesome sound you’re looking for. The tip also has a very unique look which I like more and more. One (also) neat feature is the engraved Jet’s logo!


TK Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip

This is pretty  much the only front lip that I can run without bottoming up every 5 minute at my current ride height. I also love the fact that the carbon fiber merges so well with the Machine Grey paint color. It follows the lines of the car so well, it almost looks like it’s an OEM option! TK Style is not a replica, it’s the name of the company based in Japan…


So this was the first photoshoot & blog post of the new ND Classy Project Car. I hope you enjoyed… as I can’t stop staring at these J. I also just remembered that I forgot to post the ‘’before’’ pictures… another blog post will follow! I’ll also do another blog post for the interior as there are way too many pictures already! If you are in the USA and want to see it in person, follow my USA Road(Ster) Trip, maybe we’ll meet!