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The Road(Ster) Trip - Garage Quinn Motors (GQM)

This is the second part of my Road(Ster) Trip which is happening in Connecticut. Now, this is a special feature I’m doing on Garage Quinn Motors (GQM) as it really deserves it! We could also call this place :

-Fantasy Land

-Land of 1990 Dreams



My car felt like a stranger in there, but with so many Mazdas around it, it quickly was happy to be there:

The place is just insane, with lots of cool parts hanging around:

But the parts are not what’s important in here… IT’S THE CARS!!!

Here is the GQM NB IRTB pushing around 185whp with cool parts on it like Garage Vary Front Lip, Garage Vary Carbon Canards, Garage Vary Tail Lights, Advan RG-II Wheels, Mazdaspeed Rear Lip:

He also has a turbo NA pushing 254whp… just for fun~

Car is beautiful with Work Equip 15” Wheels, Garage Vary Front Lip, Garage Vary Nostalgic Tail Lights, KG Works Ducktail Spoiler, ZOOM Carbon MirrorsNardi 330MM Steering Wheel and A LOT of custom interior work!

He also had some non-Roadster cars worth mentioning…

Not Quinn’s, but a friend’s…

He has such beautiful cars, it was like being in a modern 90’s tuner museum! Hope you enjoyed this blog post! For those wondering, the ND demo car now has TK Style Carbon Front Lip, Beatrush Tow Hook & Advan RZ 17x8 Wheels installed.

We also got the chance to test drive my demo car on his “personal track”… it was one hell of a thrill. You can see preview of what’s to come on Garage Quinn Motor’s Youtube Channel: