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The Road(Ster) Trip - Connecticut

This is the first blog post on my epic trip throughout USA. This is a lifetime dream I’m doing right now to travel the whole USA & parts of Canada! My first stop was in Southington, Connecticut. Many asked me why I stopped at this place and not somewhere else… the main reason is that I got to meet the legendary Quinn Kizis from Garage Quinn Motors.

The meeting was held at Witchdoctor Brewing Company in the back parking lot. It was actually a great turnout, bigger than some meets I did in the past and I got to meet some of my long time customers!

It was my first official reveal of the ND Classy Demo Car (blog post to come). It seemed to impress most people who were not sure if they liked the RF or not… it seems they now do!

I’m going to skip the interior shots because I keep this for another blog post, but the car did look great during this meeting. I have the TK Style Front Lip, Advan RZ 17x8 Wheels & Beatrush Front Tow Hook already installed! The Rallybacker Low Ducktail Spoiler is also a great addition...

Unfortunately, I managed to ding the hood in the first 1500 miles of the car… that’s what happens when you speed on the highway!

We had a lot of nice & cool roadsters & non-roadsters who showed up:

Here they are:

A clean silver NA with roll bar:

A weird red N#???

The whole condiment set:

A NB that had a mixed opinion front lip:

GQM’s IRTB NB with beautiful Advan RG-II 16x8 Wheels, Garage Vary Front Lip & Garage Vary Front Canards:

The engine bay is just perfect and so clean…

The interior was not neglected either, it’s pretty much one of the most perfect NB’s interior I ever had the chance to see with custom Lotus seats!

This NA owner drove all the way from Rhode Island (3 hours) to meet us!!! Glad he made it to the meet!

Some other beautiful specimens of Roaster:

The meeting was short but I was so glad to meet a bunch of enthusiasts who drove just to meet with us! It was great!

The next day, Quinn showed me what Garage Quinn Motors is all about… I’m going to make an additional blog post about it because the garage is WAY too intense to fit in this blog post. Stay tuned, we’re doing meetings ALL OVER the USA and you can see the whole list of places we’re going here as well as on our REV9 Facebook page. Join our Road(Ster) Trip Facebook Group if you want to be informed in real time about what’s happening during our USA trip!