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Wow! It’s been 10 years.

For almost a year I’ve been planning REV9 Autosport’s 10th Anniversary. I wish I had crazy, exciting stuff to show for it, or big events in the works, but nothing’s gone as planned lately. I feel like this sounds negative, but it’s not at all. I couldn’t be happier with where the company and my life are at.

Let’s delve into a small history lesson…

REV9 Autosport started in mid-March 2007, so, it has now been 10 years! It all began when I started driving my father’s 1991 BRG NA Miata. He bought it brand new, and 16 years later it was my first car.

I’ve had a real passion for sport cars since I was a kid and, for me, it was pretty realistic to think I could build something great with the Miata platform. I was addicted to all those Sport Compact Car magazines and such and hoped I could make a nice tuned version of the Miata—something Fast and Furious style. I then discovered a forum dedicated to JDM-only modified Miatas and fell in love with the quality, simplicity, integrity and dedication of the members of that forum. I just had a really hard time buying parts for my car. It seemed like a big hassle every time.

That’s when I decided I would start my business.

REV9’s mission was very simple: bring the highest quality parts for the Miata from Japan and make the buying process seamless and hassle-free for the buyer.

I started by building a nice website where people could simply browse products, see prices (except for shipping), click ‘’Buy’’ and it would send me an email with information so I could tell them about shipping charges. When they agreed, I would send them a PayPal Request and we’d have a sale!

Needless to say, it was a nightmare to handle. I became a victim of my success and soon had to create a transactional website.

The first transactional website was pretty simple—same concept as the previous one, except people could actually pay for their items right away (except for the shipping quote again), and then I would contact them for the quote which they either agreed to or refused and got refunded.

Once again, I became overwhelmed with all the requests and had to step-up the game.

That’s when I created my very first 100% transactional website, in 2009. I launched it on 31st of December and had the first 100% automated sale on the very first day. The next seven years or so passed in a blur. I built a 1993LE NA Demo Car, a 1999 NB Demo Car and just recently got my very first brand new car, the 2016 ND Demo Car.

Alright, enough of the history lesson.

Over the years, we’ve always aimed to provide the most exclusive, rare and high quality parts to our customers. We’ve always had strong convictions against selling anything that is a copy or counterfeit and have been committed to innovation and hardworking companies. We’re proud to say that we stand behind our products 100% and, unlike many other vendors, we don’t sell copy/fake items to make a quick buck. We actually really enjoy seeing quality builds and are always thrilled to receive pictures from our customers showing the products they bought from us.

In the past year I’ve had so many curve balls, it’s been really hard on the company. We saw a lot of new customers with the ND Roadster launch, which is great, but it placed too much pressure on our most important employee and she had to be hospitalized. This made me realize that I needed a more solid system to handle the  (much) bigger company than it was before. It took a few months to get it right, but I am now happy to say that the whole shipping department is now running smoother than ever and can virtually handle virtually any volume of shipments. During our hospitalized employee’s down time, we hired someone to help who turned out not to be the most competent. It made the experience of buying from our store much less awesome than it’s was supposed to be. That’s why we sent a personal apology letter to almost a thousand people to tell them it was not how an order at REV9 should be.

As I said earlier, I was planning big things for REV9’s 10th Anniversary, but life happened. I was actually planning on doing a REV9 World Tour and building a demo car for every continent that we sell parts to. Let’s just say that many factors made this project impossible.

However, I am happy to announce that there will be a REV9 USA/Canada Tour that will bring meetings/shows from East Coast to West Coast during Summer 2017. I've created a Facebook Group for those who want regular updates. I’m super excited about it and busy with the planning. Our demo car will also be much nicer than it was in 2016, and we’re constantly adding parts for the NA, NB, NC & ND to make sure our customers can continue building their dream car.

We’re proud to say that we have awesome customers from 60 countries, over 20 000 fans on Facebook and almost 25 000 followers on Instagram. We’re always encouraged by the great feedback we get from you.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say that I feel like the luckiest man on earth to be able to help other people share my passion and inspire them the best I can. Many people think that the scene is dead, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Our customers show us every day that the bar for quality, original and awesome builds just keeps getting higher.

(Picture from the REV9 meeting in Houston during my Roadster Trip on summer 2016)

I've added some small highlights from the years below, enjoy!

Cheers and to the next 10 years~

-Maxime Lacroix, owner & JDM passionate

First Business Trip to USA (Deal's Gap 2008)

First time driving a NB Coupe... with Jet Stream GT200 Kit + Supercharger in Japan (Karuizawa 2013)

First time driving a IRTB Miata (Car Make Corn's Demo Car)... fell in love with the sound!

Driving NOPRO Supercharged NC Race Car (Summer 2014)

Little ride to Karuizawa 2015 with Takuro's NA (Jet Stream Demo Car)

Photoshoot for REV9 feature in Roadster Bros (Summer 2015)

There are TONS more photos to add, but I'll keep them to show on our Facebook Page throughout this year. Again, it's been an awesome journey, I've had the chance to deal with so many awesome people and I look forward the future with great motivation!