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REV9 Autosport 1993 Limited Edition NA Shop Car

I always thought that one of our nicest build we did should be shown on the website. This was the first ever REV9 Autosport Shop Car and it was a big restoration project back then. We wanted to build a nice car with subtle mods that wouldn’t make the car too flashy.

This was our first ever build with only JDM parts. The car became exactly like we hoped for! It was just a much better Miata. Lots of work went into it.

Modification List


Exterior :

-        REV9 Exterior Package

-        REV9 Stickers

-        ZOOM Wide Blue Mirrors

-        Garage Vary Headlight Lid


Interior :

-        Zeromotive Reupholstery Seat Kit

-        Zeromotive Small Pattern Checkered Floor Mats

-        Nardi Gara3 Type-3 Steering Wheel

-        Daikei Boss Hub Kit

-        RS Products Meter Panel

-        RS Products Type-MG Gauge Faces

-        KG Works Ventilation Balls

-        RS Products Classic Switches

-        Zeromotive Power Window Switches (Prototype)

-        RS Products AC Panel Type-1

-        RS Products AC Dials & Knobs

-        Nielex Short Shift Kit

-        Beatrush Shifter Bushing

-        Nardi Evolution Shift Knob

-        RS Products Rear View Mirror

-        ZOOM Push Start Button

-        REV9 OE-Style 1002 Pedal Kit


Engine :

-        1.8L Rebuilt BP Engine

-        Maxim Works Header

-        ARC Intake Chamber

-        A’PEXi Cone Air Filter

-        Nielex 1002 Oil Filler Cap

-        RS*R x Indivia Exhaust


Chassis Bracing :

-        Carbing 3 Point Strut Tower Bar

-        Carbing Rear Strut Bar

-        Nielex Knuckle Support


Suspension & Wheels :

-        Tein Basic Coilovers

-        Work VS-XX 15x7 +30 Front & +29 Rear


Oh, and let’s not forget the other awesome look the car had at one point:

This was when I was running 14x6.5 +14.5 RS Watanabe B-Type Wheels.