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Rev9 Blog
  • The Sano Design ND Conversion from TAS 2018

    This is probably one of the most seen car of Tokyo Auto Salon 2018! Read more
  • The MX5-Specific Wheels of Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

    Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS) was very big last year with TONS of ND Miatas. This year is no different, but the hype is not as big as last year’s. In this blog post, I’ll show all wheels available in 4x100 which could fit NA, NB & ND Roadsters (sorry NC, but the choice of 5x114.3 is just too vast, you guys are lucky)! Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip – Miatas At The Gap (MATG)

    Miatas At The Gap is an event I've been attending for the past 2 years (and also been there about 8 years ago). I always look forward meeting new friends and driving a little too fast! Here’s the only picture I got from 8 years ago with my NA Demo Car : Read more
  • Our 2017 Holiday Schedule

    Hey everyone, as you may have noticed, Christmas/New Year holidays are just around the corner! Read more
  • Delays on Jet Stream Orders

    Hey everyone, we know many of you ordered some Jet Stream products in the past few months from us. As usual, if there is longer-than-usual wait time, we inform customers about it. Most customers got their products shipped on time, but 2 recent (exceptional) events may have slowed down the process on a few orders. Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip - Atlanta Meet

    Our Atlanta meet was a bit of a mess. Date and location changed a few times, and it was super last-minute, so I didn’t expect many people to show up. It still was a very fun and great to meet some customers in person! Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip – VA Beach & Charleston

    I am doing another double post for the REV9 Meetings that were held in Virginia Beach, VA and Charleston, SC. I know that the timeframe does not work well because there was technically the Deal’s Gap & Atlanta meeting in between, but since the Charleston Meeting was so small, I figured out I would add it to this post. Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip – NYC & Philadelphia

    I’d like to apologize for the time it takes me to create the blog posts. With all the travelling and great people I met, I tried to take some time for myself. I’m doing this blog post related to the 2 meetings that I did in both New York City, NY and Philadelphia, PA. Read more
  • REV9 Autosport ND RF Demo Car (Project Classy)

    When they unveiled the ND RF, my first saying was “oh man, why did I buy the soft top”… and the more I saw them, the more envious I was about that car. Mazda literally marketed the car as more of a refined  ND (for city driving?) rather than the open top sports car. That photoshoot from Mazda just made me want one so bad… Read more
  • The Road(Ster) Trip - Garage Quinn Motors (GQM)

    This is the second part of my Road(Ster) Trip which is happening in Connecticut. Now, this is a special feature I’m doing on Garage Quinn Motors (GQM) as it really deserves it! We could also call this place : Read more

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