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The Sano Design ND Conversion from TAS 2018

This is probably one of the most seen car of Tokyo Auto Salon 2018!

Sano Design is a firm doing prototyping of composite and they wanted to show their skills in FRP and Carbon Fiber. The car displayed at Tokyo Auto Salon was meant to show how they can prototype aerodynamics and change the shape of a car.

It took me some time to figure out that the car was actually a ND Roadster (I saw the car from the front):

When doing such prototypes, the goals are mainly to show that it’s possible to change the front end of the vehicle and give it a totally different look. This one looks fairly close to TVR (UK) vehicles! Proportions are actually really nice for such a design.

The car is rocking a modified Murakami ND Hardtop (OK, scoop here, we heard it will finally be able to order from the public) with no back window. It’s also running a very unique side canard right after the door. The rear spoiler is molded into the rear fender giving it a super cool look. The rear bumper is also SUPER aggressive. The wheels ate 17x8.5 Rays TE37 Saga.

They did a very cool hood design showing the Skyactiv engine:

While it’s not for everyone, we have to say that there’s a lot of work involved in making such a conversion. I believe that they achieved a nice car that could become “kit car” status and it would definitely turn heads.

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