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The Mazda Demo Cars & Race Cars from TAS 2018

Mazda always show some concept and new models of ND that they’ll introduce in the upcoming year at Tokyo Auto Salon. We had a glance at all of the new models!

Check this out!

Mazda :

The ND Red Top is a new special edition ND that comes with brown leather interior and a red (burgundy) soft top!

They also brought their ND Custom Style that comes with all possible Mazdaspeed accessories from the catalog!


And there were also many race cars from different racing teams/brands, here they are:

MZ Racing :

They came with their race-winning ND Global Cup Car!


Murakami :

They brought their ND Demo Car with ND Hardtop (that we’ll start accepting pre-orders soon… send us an email to be notified when available!) on 15” Rays TE37 Wheels and rocking their ND GT Wing.


Long Drive Racing :

Another vehicle in same class as Murakami’s (Super Taikyu) that also has the Murakami ND Hardtop, 16” Rays CE28N Wheels and Garage Vary GT Wing (the most effective GT Wing for ND that we know of).


Cabana is one of the top 5 in Japan’s MX-5 ND Racing Class! It’s the same standard MX5 Global Cup Car with their touch of cool graphics.


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