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The ND Soft Top & 124 Demo Cars at TAS2018

The Soft Top ND are not the new thing at Tokyo Auto Salon 2018, this year was more popular with RF Demo Cars, however, we now start to see Fiat 124 Demo Cars!

Let’s start with some Soft Top ND MX5s~

R-Spec :

The vehicle didn’t change much from what was shown last year! The car still has the ND Half Front Bumper (and it seems they added LED lights into it). It’s also rocking some cool 17” Work Meister S1 Wheels.

The rear of the vehicle has their very cool ND Rear Spoiler With Camera that has a nice European look and double as a rear view camera!

They also released for this year a ND Blind Corner Camera that installs on the front fender to help with blind spots of the vehicle.


Exedy :

Exedy came up with a very nice Fiat 124 Abarth Demo Car that’s rocking some awesome graphics on it! The wheels are 16” Rays CE28N Wheels in special ND fitment.

The car had INGS+1 GT Wing and a few other interior bits that we were unfortunately not able to take picture of…


Bride :

Bride has completely changed the look of their ND compared to last year’s look. It’s still rocking 17” Work T5R Wheels and their new ND-specific Racing Seats, the Bride Mu-Len Seats.

The red interior trims are also a nice touch to match with the seats!

While being at Bride booth, we took time to take some photos of seats that will fit into the ND. The Bride Zieg-III Type-R and Bride A.I.R are both great fits. You can also see a glimpse at the Bride Histrix that’s awesome for NA or NB applications!

Bride also told us that the Bride Vios-III is a good choice for ND Roadster vehicles!

Those seats are such beauties, no wonder the high price tag, but totally worth it!

And here are some more shots about the Bride Mu-Len Special Edition Seats! These seats include the rails that are made for the ND!


Car Making RevYou

This is a shop we never heard of. They showed up at Tokyo Auto Salon with a nice ND Demo Car rocking the popular 17” Rays 57Transcend Wheels, but most importantly a very awesome ND Turbocharger Kit!

And here’s a closer look at their turbo kit! Everything is so beautiful when it’s new!


Hope you enjoyed our fourth part of the coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon 2018! More to come in the following days~ Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive blog updates and new products releases related to your vehicle!