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The Road(Ster) Trip – Visit at R-Speed & drive South with new mods

I usually only do blog posts about cities & meets I organize, this one is a little different. I found out I kind of forgot to post some very nice upgrades that I did on my demo car (and some of them were temporary, you’ll read about it in the next blog posts…)!


After I organized the Atlanta Meet, I went at my friend Joe’s shop (R-Speed) to have some work done on my car.



It’s one of the pioneer in the Miata tuning community. Everyone who works there knows a lot about Miatas and are very friendly (talk to Hector, you’ll see what I mean). They will solve ANY problem in term of mechanical work on all years Miatas, I couldn’t recommend them more. I went up there to install some small parts, but the main piece we had to do were the Odula ND Side Skirts! You can also see the very nice Rallybacker ND Low Ducktail Spoiler and Odula ND Rear Diffuser. Due to the reduction of clearance, we also raised the car height by about 5-10mm as otherwise the side steps were way too low.


For those who don’t know much about R-Speed, it’s a very cool shop specialized in Miatas, down the road near Atlanta.


You’ll always be able to find the spare part you’re looking for…


… or the spare car!


Another thing we did was to install some fresh Advan Center Caps onto my Advan RZ 17x8 Wheels. We also swapped my lug nuts for some very nice Project Kics Leggdura RL53 Lug Nuts.

As it had been one (very) long week, I decided to cool it off at my favorite spot in Atlanta : Monday Night Brewing and meet some Roadster Friends (unfortunately, camera died before I could take pictures of their cars).


And here are some different angles of the Odula ND Side Steps :


You can see it flows pretty well with the TK Style ND Front Lip :


Drive to the South

As I left Atlanta, I decided to take some pictures on the road as I believe the scenery was really nice and it was just another reason to take photos of my car. At one point, I drove by an abandoned Gulf gas station and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was… the sky and everything, so dark.


And then it was time to hit the road again…


I hope you enjoyed this picture-heavy blog post about some small changes on my car… will continue updating the Road(Ster) Trip posts as much as I can in the next weeks!