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The Road(Ster) Trip – Miami in a gold fashion

I’ve been many times to Florida in my life, but never to organize Miata meetings. I’m glad I’ve been able to do so, it’s been over 10 years I deal with awesome customers from this state and it was the time to give back.

Funny enough, many of the people who attended both events met me during Miatas At The Gap. During the first part of my Road(Ster) Trip, I’ve had A LOT of driving and it was time for me to relax just a little. I decided to stay 4 weeks in Florida to catch up with emails, orders and take a bit of (me) time.



Wynwood (Miami)

And here is the last time someone saw my car in its grey form. I decided to do a photoshoot in one of my favorite spot in Miami : Wynwood District.


The biggest highlight of this trip was the fact that I decided to change the color of my car without really telling anyone. I wanted something that would be unique, yet keep some of the classiness of the car. I went with Autoflex (made by Plastidip) which is a liquid vinyl with a clear coat that you spay on the vehicle to change the color, but most importantly, to protect the paint underneath. I knew I had a very long way to go on my trip, so if I could keep my Machine Grey color intact underneath, it would be awesome.


The result was pretty awesome, I was ready for a disaster, but it ended up looking pretty sweet.



This was just weeks before the Hurricane Irma happened. The weather really was AGAINST us, it was raining for a few days, but we still managed to do the meeting. I took pictures of pretty much all of those who came to the event! As usual, we went to a craft beer spot : The Tank Brewing Co. Here are some pictures of the event~

Neat NB with 15” Enkei RPF1-RS Wheels :

NC with some extra power~

Matt (Captain Slow)’s NC

Nice NC rocking Nissan R32 Wheels & the Garage Vary Eyelids

My friend Erik I met at Miatas At The Gap

And then, a whole bunch of people came up, it really was an awesome event!

Oh and a non-Roadster came, too!


At one point, the brewery staff offered us to bring the ND Demo Car inside of their bar for a location, that was pretty great!


After the event, we went for a little drive in Miami and ended up doing an awesome photo with the city landscape (which ended up on Mazda USA’s Instagram and landed 5.8k likes, really proud of this one)! It really shows the beauty of the 17” Advan RZ Wheels as well as the Rallybacker ND Low Ducktail Spoiler.

MazdaUSA’ post : click here. (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bbuft6XjHnj/?taken-by=mazdausa)


I hope you enjoyed this post about the Miami event! More to come in the next weeks~