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The Road(Ster) Trip – Miatas At The Gap (MATG)

Miatas At The Gap is an event I've been attending for the past 2 years (and also been there about 8 years ago). I always look forward meeting new friends and driving a little too fast! Here’s the only picture I got from 8 years ago with my NA Demo Car :


It all started at the small cabin I rented, the morning I arrived, I met with some long time customer (Jaime, with Garage Vary Tail Lights & Nakamae Type-R Seats (plus lots of interior goodies) as well as a forum legend (username was Doppelganger, now running a Mazdaspeed NB with 17” TE37)… for those who know about him!

This year was no different than before, lots of driving, meeting new friends, trying craft beers and discovering new roads (beers were after driving, of course).


I started by having my new REV9 Door Decals (available soon) done in Carbon Fiber to give it a “phantom look”, made by my friend Scotty:

We did organize a meeting and there was a bit of misinformation about it… we ended up being only 2 people for the first hour. Then, a bunch of people arrived!

There was this cool NC rocking the Garage Vary Front Lip and Garage Vary Front Grille Insert:

That red car parked next to him drove all the way from Texas (we actually met last year) and he was really slow… (actually, he was the fastest out of our group):

There was also this ND which I had a very hard time keeping up with until I realized he had tuned ECU ^_^

And those flashy Floridians which we later became best friends~

That’s a lot of loudness here:

After the event, we went for some rolling shot, and it turned out pretty good! I had finally decided to install the Zeromotive Aeroguard-II and I can tell you that it saved my TK-Style Front Lip from being destroyed (Thanks for my friend Jonathan for the awesome shot).

And, after that, a little group of us decided to go for some fun driving… ^_^

I ended up chasing two white FC3S RX-7 with serious oil leakage issue as I had difficulty breathing when I was following them -_-


We finally stopped to enjoy the beginning of the sunset (and let engine cool down)

^^ This shows how the Odula Rear Diffuser looks with the Integral Kobe Type-US Muffler as well as the Rallybacker Low Ducktail Spoiler~

And even my friend from this morning found us (cool shot of his Runabout M2 Mirrors):

We finally headed back to Fontana Village to go for a craft beer exchange and did a very last photoshoot :

It was an awesome event that I look forward doing again, even though it’s a straight 20+ hours drive from home. It’s always great to meet other enthusiasts, get scared driving the Dragon and make friends. The blog post of the next event I organized is actually already online, check it out : Road(Ster) Trip – Charleston Meet & Road(Ster) Trip – Atlanta Meet