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The Road(Ster) Trip – VA Beach & Charleston

I am doing another double post for the REV9 Meetings that were held in Virginia Beach, VA and Charleston, SC. I know that the timeframe does not work well because there was technically the Deal’s Gap & Atlanta meeting in between, but since the Charleston Meeting was so small, I figured out I would add it to this post.


Let’s start with the first meeting;

Virginia Beach

After driving many hours from Philadelphia, I finally arrived to Virginia Beach. This city is definitely one of my favorite, people are super nice, weather is also pretty much perfect. The meeting was held at Commonwealth Brewing, a very new and modern brewery not too far from Virginia Beach’s city center.

When I arrived, there were already a lot of people attending the event. The turnout was much better than I anticipated, mostly because 757 Miatas shared the event in their group, I guess!

I believe we were over 20+ people who attended this event :

There were many cool cars;

A NC1 with very nice ride height:

A NC3 with over 400 WHP running Enkei PF01 17” Wheels:

A NB with pretty unique theme;

A NA with Maine (state) plate that had a little something under the hoodl…

Some gangster NAs;

And I even had someone who did the same exact thing as me and switched from ND Soft Top to ND RF;

Even GTRs & Bimmer showed up at the meeting…

It was also the first time someone asked me to sign his valve cover… I’m pretty proud of it! Another guy even asked me to sign his REV9 cap!

And the owner of the said valve cover enjoyed posing next to my demo car!

It was fun meeting so many friendly people, I had a blast! I even received a custom T-Shirt with REV9 & 757 Miatas, that really made my day! Funny thing, to do the group picture, we had to block a street and it took just 5 minutes for the cops to notice… fun times!

You can see rest of VA Beach Meeting Photos by clicking this link : REV9 Virginia Beach Meeting Photos (not ready yet).


And now the small feature of the next meeting. I’m skipping REV9 Deal’s Gap Meet because it is very picture intensive and will be on a single post.


Here is the second feature;


This meeting was kind of odd. It somehow got shared on a Subaru & Scion facebook group and we were outnumbered by those guys… haha! The location was Frothy Beard Brewery and they were doing a trivia night at the same time as our meeting… the place was packed!

Also, it kept on raining, so I did not expect much to be honest.

We managed to bring a group of 5 people, and as bad as I am, I forgot to bring a SD cars for my SLR Camera, so I only have this pitiful photo from a phone:

It was fun nonetheless, and I met cool people and enjoyed some great beers with them!

The same night, I went with my friend from Ciotti Industries (@ciottimonkey) for some light painting... result was pretty awesome!