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Rev9 Blog
  • The (Road)ster Trip – Virginia Beach & Charlotte

    I’m really sorry for the late update. I’m writing this as I’m about to move to Birmingham, Alabama. I thought I’d have time to keep you all updated, but I wanted to enjoy this trip a bit so forgot about this whole writing thing. Now, I’m pretty much up to date with my work and I’ll try to post all updates for the blog posts today. Read more
  • The (Road)ster Trip - The REV9 2016 USA Tour

    Recently, for some personal reasons, I really needed to go out of my place and see new things. I go to Japan quite often for business, and absolutely love it, but I have my absolute favorite car (2016 ND Roadster) sleeping in my garage all year long and wish I could drive it every time I’m travelling overseas. Before I wrote this blog post, the car had about 4000km or 2500 miles on the clock). I recently decided I’d do a ~8000km road trip in the USA to put some mileage on this car and also cool off from the recent stressful months we’ve had at REV9. For those wondering, I am still working while I’m on the road, it’s just on a different schedule. Read more
  • Autoexe NC & ND Demo Cars at Karuizawa 2016

    Autoexe came to Karuizawa this year with two very nice demo cars. A 2015 NC3 as well as a 2016 ND Roadster. Both were fully equipped with all their accessories and looked pretty nice. Read more
  • NOPRO Demo Cars at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

    Nogami Project (NOPRO) has been very serious on NC tuning in the past years. They built some endurance racing cars and really focused on improving aerodynamics and power, all the time. Read more
  • Garage Hundred-One Demo Car at Karuizawa 2016

    Garage Hundred One has always been showing some pretty eccentric vehicles at Karuizawa Meetings. This year is no different than the others, they really showed a special concept! Read more
  • ACRE Brakes Demo Car at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

    ACRE Brakes is gaining popularity in Japan and showing everyone that a small company can compete with the big players in term of price and quality. They build an awesome ND Demo Car with their own parts and Garage Vary aerodynamics. Read more
  • S2 Racing Demo Car at Karuizawa 2016

    Here’s the coverage of S2-Racing NC3 Demo Car at Karuizawa 2016. They previously had a NC1 Demo Car shown at previous Karuizawa Meeting, but it was not as classy as this new one. Read more
  • Car Make Corn’s at Karuizawa 2016

    Here is the latest NC Demo Car by Car Make Corn’s. It’s pretty nice that I’ve been able to see this car before and after. They completed the whole car in less than 1 week, it was hard work! Here’s a picture of what it looked like when I visited their shop : Read more
  • RS Products at Karuizawa 2016

    RS Products has build its name for a long time. It’s considered as the classiest parts available for the MX-5 Miatas and will bring a classic look to any car’s interior. This year, they brought some parts to enhance the ND Roadster’s interior! Read more
  • RS Factory Stage at Karuizawa 2016

    RS Factory Stage was one of the most liked ND at Karuizawa Meeting last year, due to their very cool graphics as well as 18” wheels fitment. This year, they came back with a car that had much more of a racing look and nicer aerodynamics. Read more

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