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The (Road)ster Trip - Vermont & Home (The Final Part)

After doing some sightseeing in Boston, I headed to my final USA destination: Burlington, Vermont (and then home, to Quebec, Canada). I was sad the awesome trip was coming to an end, but at the same time I was starting to feel that I deserved to sleep in a real bed. I was getting closer to it.

My stop in Burlington did not include any car meetings. I was just there to enjoy the beautiful scenery and local craft beers:


I temporarily traded the ND Demo Car for a nice Westfalia…


I was in town during a Sublime with Rome show as well as a Dirty Heads show. Since I’m a huge reggae fan, I decided to attend Ciderstock (anmusic festival where they serve you cider). It was pretty inviting:


It was a nice way to finish this trip and relax.

Dirty Heads - Lay Me Down Live

I took advantage of the beautiful scenery and did a quick photoshoot with the awesome view I had:

DSC_0213 DSC_0214

During the trip, I noticed something interesting. It seems like my car (or its color) makes insects fly around it (or jump on it).

DSC_0215 DSC_0216

It wasn’t just grasshoppers; dragonflies were always around me too. I hate dragonflies.

While the trip was coming to an end, I was so glad I could visit so many states this summer. It was an awesome experience and always reminds me of how perfect these little cars are. They just ask to be driven.


I came home to pretty deceiving weather, but I was glad to be back in my bed.


At the end of this trip, my car was clocking just shy of 9000 miles on the odometer.


That whole ~1 month trip ended up putting over 5000 miles on my car. It was an amazing experience and a perfect test to see if this car is a road trip machine. I gotta say that it passed the test successfully.