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The (Road)ster Trip – The carless experience

At some point during the Roadster Trip, I had to take a little break from driving. For my own sanity. I’ve decided to share with you this part of my trip, as it was totally worth it.

After the Charleston stop, I decided to stop at one of my favorite places in the whole USA : Ocean City, MD. I’m a big reggae fan and wanted to just relax a bit after so many hours of driving… Seacrets was the place I had to go.

I took one very healthful Hamburger, some colorful drinks and decided to relax with my feet in the water.

image1 image2 image3

I always keep an eye on my car and park in the best spots to avoid dings… that was also the case in Ocean City:


The sunset was amazing and made me realize how lucky I was to see all those places during my trip.


The next day, I headed out to Philadelphia to catch up with work.


I then drove to New Jersey to park my car at a friend’s house and take the train to New York City.


I had an awesome time in the city. It was my first time going there just to sightsee. Here are some pictures of my trip~

Grand Central Station


Time Square


Brooklyn Bridge


$2 worth of pizzas


$8 pitcher of beer (I have no idea how that’s even possible)


Forgot a bag in a cab and had to pick it up at the station


The High Line (railroad above the streets converted into a walkable area)


I also found a Mazda CX-7 that seemed to be abandoned for quite a while (look for the dates on the windows)


After 3 pretty intense days in the city, I headed out to Boston!

Gotta love the architecture of this place. The car looked perfectly in its element:


And I received some love at the coffee shop.


Those were my non-Roadster vacations during this very long (in terms of mileage) trip. Next stop is Burlington, Vermont.