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The New Wheel Models (4x100) from TAS2016

Here’s our final and last post about Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. This one is dedicated on the new model of wheels that would most likely fit NA, NB and/or ND applications (4x100) made by Enkei, 326POWER, Work Wheels, RAYS, Advan, Leon Hardiritt & Aimgain. We skipped the NC as the 5x114.3 wheels are very common and there are TONS of choices. Sorry NC owners, but you can always drop us a line and we’ll send you the nicest racing wheels for your application.

Let’s start with Enkei Racing Wheels. They released their RPF1RS (15x8+28) in the beautiful SBC color, Flat Black and Silver. At only 11.3 lbs, it’s one really nice and budget friendly wheel!

Enkei RPF1RS

1 2

Then, we walked at the 326POWER booth to see their newly released Yabaking Mesh Wheels as well as the Yabaking Spoke Wheels. They are 3 pieces wheels available in 16” and 17” size and widths from 6” to 10.5” with virtually any possible offset!

326POWER Yabaking Mesh 16x9 -19 with 326POWER 70MM Lug Nuts


326POWER Yabaking Mesh 16x9.5 -23 with 326POWER 50MM Lug Nuts

4326POWER Yabaking Spoke 16x9 -19 with 326POWER 50MM Lug Nuts & Spike Caps


326POWER Yabaking Spoke (unknown size with reverse face) with 326POWER 50MM Lug Nuts & Spike Caps


As you can see, they also offer customization on wheels such as the spike bolts for their wheels, now that must be expensive to do, but it’s pretty impressive!

6 6_2

We also really enjoyed the wheels that Work Wheels released for 2016! On the first wall, you can see various wheels such as the Work Emotion CR Ultimate, Work Seeker GX, Work Seeker NX and the beautiful Work Rizaltado Mesh.


Here’s a close-up of the concavity of the Work Emotion CR Ultimate 15x8 +20 and some color variations.

8 9 10 11

We also visited the RAYS (Volk Racing) booth with some very nice lightweight and forged wheels.

Rays 57motorsport G07MI6 17x7 +42


Rays Volk Racing TE37v SL Limited 2016 15”


Rays Gram Lights 57Transcend 15x8 +28


Rays Gram Lights 57Transcend 17x8.5 +40

15 16

Next was the Advan Racing booth. They are some of our favorite lightweight wheels and really offer some cool models. Unfortunately, they didn’t have many new models for the Miata this year.

Advan Racing RZ-II 17”


Advan Racing RZ-II 16”


Another cool wheel manufacturer we visited that offered some nice 16” and 17” wheels in 4x100 bolt pattern was Leon Hardiritt (Superstar Wheel).

Leon Hardiritt Reise 17”


The last wheel manufacturer we visited was Aimgain. They showed us their beautiful 2 pieces GIIM 2 pieces mesh wheels! Available in plenty of colors and 16”/17” size with tons of offsets and widths to choose from.

Aimgain G II M 17” 2 Pieces Mesh Wheels

20 21

Hope you enjoyed this little showcase of the the 2016 model wheels at Tokyo Auto Salon! If you are interested in any of the parts shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@rev9autosport.com !