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What is the Automatic Levelizer Adjustment Rod?

Have you ever heard of Cusco’s Headlight Self Levelizer Adjuster Rod? It's a very simpe product that everyone who puts coilovers on a car with adjusting headlights should use (seriously).


Before we get started, let’s talk a little about the operation of the auto levelizer.

Nowadays, tons of newer model cars are equipped with LED or HID lighting. When there is a load in the rear of the vehicle, the angle of the beam is angled upwards. To counteract this, a part is in place on the vehicle that counters this change and keeps the angle unchanged. This part is the auto levelizer.

So, when the vehicle is lowered, the auto levelizer senses the change in height or angle and will point the headlights toward the ground.

The result? You have significantly less visibility. (see this awesome infographic showing a Japanese creature):


Having said that, this is why we made the auto levelizer adjuster rod. By replacing the OEM rod link and installing our adjustable rod, it is now possible to restore the normal detection of changes in vehicle angle, thereby restoring normal function of the levelizer.

We hope you enjoyed this little read. We also made an Installation Instruction post. You can buy the following Automatic Levelizer Adjustment Rods at our web shop:

Cusco Headlight Levelizer Adjustment Rod

RS*R Self Levelizer Link Rod