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The other MX-5 Shop Cars at TAS2016

Due to restrictions in picture areas, I’ve compiled into 1 blog post the shop cars from Acre Brakes, Bride, Blitz & Sabulive.

Let’s start with Acre Brakes ND Demo Car! This beautiful Ceramic Metallic MX-5 with Garage Vary ND Front Lip, neat vinyl graphics all over the car (and cool ones around the headlights) and 18” Enkei RSM9 Wheels. We cannot see it well on the picture, but the car also has some nice ND Brembo Big Brake Kit based on Ferrari F360 calipers! The car is sitting on Japan-made Spirit Coilover System.


The car is also featuring their original ND Titanium Tip Exhaust System:


Now, let’s check Bride Seats ND Shop Car rocking their classy Edirb Leather & Fabric ND Racing Seats and some nice Bride ND Floor Mats! For those who haven’t noticed, Edirb is Bride spelled backward. It’s their new luxury division of racing seats.

3 4

Here is the super aggressive Blitz ND Shop Car that’s rocking their newly released ND Turbo Kit, ND Front Bumper with LED Lights & ND Side Skirts. The car is also rocking some 17x7 Enkei RPF1 Wheels with 25mm spacers to be flush with fenders.

5 6 7 8

The car also features their ND Low Rear Wing, ND Rear Bumper Skirt & ND Quad-Tip Exhaust System.

9 10 11

And here’s the Sabulive ND Demo Car. I never heard of Sabulive before seeing it at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. The exterior of the car looked pretty much stock…


Then, I asked the shop manager if he could show me the engine bay of the car… and it was AMAZING. It was featuring their ND Turbo Kit (pushing over 200hp from the 1.5L engine) and their ND Turbo Funnel:

13 14

Not only the engine bay was amazing to look at, but they wanted to keep the car’s weight at its minimum, so they made some pretty insane ND Carbon Fiber Racing Seats:


Hope you enjoyed this little showcase of the Acre Brakes, Bride, Blitz & Sabulive ND Shop Car at Tokyo Auto Salon! If you are interested in any of the parts shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at !