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Knight Sports ND MX-5 Demo Car at TAS2016

Knight Sports is a very famous Rotary Engine tuner, but has also been tuning the NA Miata in the past. Since there are no more RX vehicles in Mazda lineup, they decided to switch their sports car division to work on the ND Roadster! It’s also important to mention that they tune a lot of CX-3 & CX-5, so they have a lot of experience in Skyactiv vehicles. Car is running some beautiful Advan RZ-II Wheels in 17”.


Their demo car had their ND Front Lip & Diffuser installed as well as their ND Front Tow Hook to give a neat racing look to the vehicle. The Front Lip is HUGE as it integrates a front diffuser and goes at least 20 inches under the front bumper.

knightsports_2 knightsports_3

The back of the vehicle was very classy. It was running their ND Titanium Exhaust, ND Rear Diffuser (which is also as huge as the front one), ND Rear Tow Hook and their ND Rear Spoiler!

knightsports_4 knightsports_5 knightsports_6 knightsports_7

(Their ND Rear Spoiler had a small space between the trunk and the emblem which they claim to be their way to be unique).

They also had their ND Turbo Gauge… probably a hint to what’s coming soon for their vehicle!


I did not take pictures of them, but they also just released their ND Big Brake Kit as well as their ND Lightweight Flywheel (only confirmed to fit 1.5L at the moment) which gives a big difference when driving the car!

Hope you enjoyed this little showcase of the Knight Sports ND Shop Car at Tokyo Auto Salon! If you are interested in any of the parts shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@rev9autosport.com !