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  • Nakamae Shop Car at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

    Here is a post about Nakamae’s latest products shown at Karuizawa Meeting. Nakamae-san wanted to bring some ND products to the market for this year and totally delivered! Read more
  • Karuizawa 2016 Meeting : Jet Stream

    I begin the coverage of demo cars from Karuizawa Meeting 2016 with Jet Stream as, in my opinion, they released the craziest demo car in the whole meeting this year. It was actually a VERY QUICK build that needed a lot of time, sweat, tears and patience. I met with the Jet Stream team in the morning at 4:00 AM and their demo car was not even close to be completed. That reminds me of all those car building shows we see at Discovery Channel, but it was in real life. What a thrill! Now, enough talk and let’s look at what they showed for Karuizawa: Read more
  • Karuizawa Roadster Meeting 2016 Introduction

    This year, I’ve attended Karuizawa Meeting (biggest Roadster/Miata/MX-5 meeting in the WORLD). This is my 3rd time to personally attend this meeting and I’m always impressed by the quality and uniqueness of the Roadsters that are exposing at the meeting. This year, we’ve beat the record of the most Roadsters at the same place (for Karuizawa) and we’ve had over 1300 cars! Read more
  • JDM Floor Mats for 2016+ ND MX-5 Miata in LHD & RHD!

    Did you know that floor mats can be part of your interior styling. We now have left hand drive and right hand drive checkered/diamond pattern available for the new generation Roadster! These floor mats are the best quality you’ll ever see. They clip using the OEM plastic rings and have grip underside to make 100% sure they will not slip. They also are available with an optional heel pad to make sure they will not age prematurely. Let’s see what’s available! Read more
  • How to adjust headlights on the ND (2016+) MX-5 Miata?

    You've lowered your ND Roadster and now you're wondering why the headlights are pointing towards the ground? That's because they need to be adjusted. To do so, you need to buy a Headlight Levelizer Adjustment Rod (available either from Cusco or RS*R). If you want to know how it works, read this blog post. Don't worry, installation is SUPER easy! Read more
  • What is the Automatic Levelizer Adjustment Rod?

    Read more
  • The New Wheel Models (4x100) from TAS2016

    Here’s our final and last post about Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. This one is dedicated on the new model of wheels that would most likely fit NA, NB and/or ND applications (4x100) made by Enkei, 326POWER, Work Wheels, RAYS, Advan, Leon Hardiritt & Aimgain. We skipped the NC as the 5x114.3 wheels are very common and there are TONS of choices. Sorry NC owners, but you can always drop us a line and we’ll send you the nicest racing wheels for your application. Read more
  • The other MX-5 Shop Cars at TAS2016

    Due to restrictions in picture areas, I’ve compiled into 1 blog post the shop cars from Acre Brakes, Bride, Blitz & Sabulive. Read more
  • Knight Sports ND MX-5 Demo Car at TAS2016

    Knight Sports is a very famous Rotary Engine tuner, but has also been tuning the NA Miata in the past. Since there are no more RX vehicles in Mazda lineup, they decided to switch their sports car division to work on the ND Roadster! It’s also important to mention that they tune a lot of CX-3 & CX-5, so they have a lot of experience in Skyactiv vehicles. Car is running some beautiful Advan RZ-II Wheels in 17”. Read more
  • Fujimura Auto ND MX-5 Shop Car at TAS2016

    Fujimura Auto has been tuning vehicles for a while. They want their vehicles to stand out from the crowd and they really did an awesome job at doing that with their ND Demo Car! Read more

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