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The (Road)ster Trip - The REV9 2016 USA Tour

Recently, for some personal reasons, I really needed to go out of my place and see new things. I go to Japan quite often for business, and absolutely love it, but I have my absolute favorite car (2016 ND Roadster) sleeping in my garage all year long and wish I could drive it every time I’m travelling overseas. Before I wrote this blog post, the car had about 4000km or 2500 miles on the clock). I recently decided I’d do a ~8000km road trip in the USA to put some mileage on this car and also cool off from the recent stressful months we’ve had at REV9. For those wondering, I am still working while I’m on the road, it’s just on a different schedule.

I plan on doing some REV9 Night Meetings at different locations to meet customers and other people with nice Roadsters during my trip.

I left straight from Quebec, Canada and drove through the Adirondacks:

It was my first long drive with the REAL Japan Leather Steering Wheel and I gotta say that I absolutely loved it. The perforated leather really makes a difference in feeling and it’s just great. Looks awesome, too!

DSC_0955 DSC_0957

The quality is like 10 times better than the stock steering wheel. The D-Shape is not so noticeable and it’s actually a very nice thing. Much thicker than stock. After that, I’ve caught a very bad storm (rain & thunder), but, luckily, I did not drive through the worst part of it and ended up seeing this awesome sunset: iphone1

I gotta say that the 2.0L is extremely efficient. With a full tank of 91 octane, I did an average of over 39mpg driving at around 65-70mph. Computer is also pretty accurate. DSC_0962DSC_0966

I really did push that “range” to the maximum, having to fill up the car a few miles after it hit the “0 miles left”. Not going to do it again… DSC_0964

570 miles later, I did my first stop in New Jersey! It was a long 10 hours drive and I really had to stop.


Here is my schedule for the next month or so (which is pretty much not going to change):

July 26th-27th : Virginia Beach, VA

July 28th : Charlotte, NC

July 29th-31st: Deal’s Gap (Tennessee/North Carolina)

August 1st-2nd : Atlanta, GA

August 3rd : Birmingham, AL

August 4th-5th : Houston, TX

August 6th-7th : Austin, TX

August 8th-9th : New Orleans, LA

August 10th : Atlanta, GA

August 11th : Charleston, SC

August 12th : Virginia Beach,VA

August 13th-14th : Ocean City, MD

August 15th-17th : New York, NY (I’m probably not going to be using my car in this location)

August 18th-19th : Boston, MA

August 20th : Burlington, VT

This is mainly a trip for the East Coast of USA. I wish I could do the West Coast, but I’m really short on time and plan something MUCH bigger for 2017 (aka REV9 10th Anniversary). If you would like to meet up and see our shop car, or help us arrange a meeting at one of the location we’re doing, you’re more than welcome to send us an email or comment this post on Facebook! The main goal of the trip is to attend Miata At The Gap on July 29th to 31st.