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Garage Hundred-One Demo Car at Karuizawa 2016

Garage Hundred One has always been showing some pretty eccentric vehicles at Karuizawa Meetings. This year is no different than the others, they really showed a special concept!


The car is actually their mechanic’s personal car. He built it so it’s very efficient on gas and also easy to drive in the city and mountains/tarmac. It’s featuring a very unique front end with turn signals relocated into the front bumper.

It has some Rays CE28N Wheels in 15” and some very tall tires. The ride height was more 4x4 than what we’re usually seeing, but it was very nice to see, too. The car had a purpose and he made no compromise (except maybe on looks) so the car would perform to its tasks. You can also spot some REV9 1028 Mirrors installed on this car.


To make the car even more unique, the owner took Garage Vary Fastback Hardtop and created a divided rear window (inspired by what we see on old school Corvettes).

DSC_0631 DSC_0632

We hope you enjoyed this very unique feature of Garage Hundred-One Demo Car at Karuizawa 2016 Meeting!