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Karuizawa Meeting

  • RS Products at Karuizawa 2016

    RS Products has build its name for a long time. It’s considered as the classiest parts available for the MX-5 Miatas and will bring a classic look to any car’s interior. This year, they brought some parts to enhance the ND Roadster’s interior! Read more
  • RS Factory Stage at Karuizawa 2016

    RS Factory Stage was one of the most liked ND at Karuizawa Meeting last year, due to their very cool graphics as well as 18” wheels fitment. This year, they came back with a car that had much more of a racing look and nicer aerodynamics. Read more
  • Garage Vary at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

    Garage Vary really has stepped up their game in the previous year, especially with their ND (2016+) Roadster parts. They built a really nice car for Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, and it did not change by much for Karuizawa meeting, but, now, most of the parts are production ready! Read more
  • Paddock Style NB & ND Shop Cars at Karuizawa 2016

    We are not supposed to show Paddock Style Demo Cars as "Karuizawa Shop Cars", because they were not in the official area. However, the owner of the shop kindly found us and asked us to go check it out, so we figured out it was a nice gesture and wanted to encourage him. They had their NB and ND demo cars. Read more
  • RS Arrive Shop Car at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

    Arrive is one very innovative shop making awesome parts for NA, NB, NC and recently for ND Miatas. They really make awesome products that look neat (OEM-like) and are very functional. I have to apologize for the bad pictures, but the place was PACKED. Read more
  • Nakamae Shop Car at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

    Here is a post about Nakamae’s latest products shown at Karuizawa Meeting. Nakamae-san wanted to bring some ND products to the market for this year and totally delivered! Read more
  • Karuizawa 2016 Meeting : Jet Stream

    I begin the coverage of demo cars from Karuizawa Meeting 2016 with Jet Stream as, in my opinion, they released the craziest demo car in the whole meeting this year. It was actually a VERY QUICK build that needed a lot of time, sweat, tears and patience. I met with the Jet Stream team in the morning at 4:00 AM and their demo car was not even close to be completed. That reminds me of all those car building shows we see at Discovery Channel, but it was in real life. What a thrill! Now, enough talk and let’s look at what they showed for Karuizawa: Read more
  • Karuizawa Roadster Meeting 2016 Introduction

    This year, I’ve attended Karuizawa Meeting (biggest Roadster/Miata/MX-5 meeting in the WORLD). This is my 3rd time to personally attend this meeting and I’m always impressed by the quality and uniqueness of the Roadsters that are exposing at the meeting. This year, we’ve beat the record of the most Roadsters at the same place (for Karuizawa) and we’ve had over 1300 cars! Read more
  • Karuizawa Roadster Meeting 2014 (Barchetta & ZOOM)

    Today's a very short post as I don't have much pictures of both vehicles, unfortunately. We've met Barchetta who's working on mostly high end products that are very limited editions and ZOOM who's always here to create some new, functional items. Read more
  • Karuizawa Roadster Meeting 2014 (Jet Stream)

    A few weeks have passed since our last post. Had to take some vacations ;) Now, I deserve a full post for Jet Stream as they have brought many AWESOME cars and really deserve this exposure. I met the owner of the company last January and he is awesome and always looking at creating new cool items. He recently launched his side business called DHR (Dark Horse Racing) to build parts for racing purpose that are track tested. Read more

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