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RS Products at Karuizawa 2016

RS Products has build its name for a long time. It’s considered as the classiest parts available for the MX-5 Miatas and will bring a classic look to any car’s interior. This year, they brought some parts to enhance the ND Roadster’s interior!

Let’s start with an overview of their NA Demo Car, because they did not have any ND shop car in place:


The car is really classic. It’s rocking some RS Watanabe Wheels (chrome color), Barchetta Clubman GT Front Bumper, RS Products Rear View Mirror and Runabout S800 Side Mirrors!

The interior of this car is also totally worth taking a look! It has the RS Products Center Console, RS Products Classic Switches, RS Products M2 Meter Panel and Nakamae Type-R Seats!


Now, let’s take a quick look into their new ND part:


As you can see, they released one of their regular product, the ND Gauge Faces. It’s available in both Black or White background. It’s very similar to their NC Gauge Faces, but a bit more modern to fit with the ND interior style.

DSC_0549 DSC_0550 DSC_0551 DSC_0552

I couldn’t picture their other part, but they also released a ND Meter Color Changer which changes the factory white/blue lighting to red lighting! Price for this item is about $60 which is really affordable.

I hope you enjoyed this RS Products coverage at Karuizawa Meeting 2016 and will continue reading our future blog posts~