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Nakamae Shop Car at Karuizawa Meeting 2016

Here is a post about Nakamae’s latest products shown at Karuizawa Meeting. Nakamae-san wanted to bring some ND products to the market for this year and totally delivered!

After asking the owner personally at least 20 times in the past year, he finally unveiled its ND Quilted Seat Covers (Black Leather & Red Stitching):


The seat covers were finished just a few days ago and Nakamae told us that the bottom piece would fit better (deeper) once the driver has driven the car with these seats for a few weeks. The stitching color was 100% perfect matching with Mazda OEM one.
He also showed me the ND Sport Seat covers (Black Leather & Red Stitching) that was a nice reminder of the pattern used in the original NA Roadster V-Special seats. It has a very nice look and will sure improve the interior of anyone running fabric seats!

DSC_0584 DSC_0585

As you can see, the airbag portion of the seat cover is not covered at all. This is a unique feature that Nakamae is really proud of and guarantees absolutely no interference with the airbag.


He also tried to keep the “hole” feature of the OEM seats by covering it with a nice fabric mesh:


Lastly, Nakamae showed me a comfort feature for the fourth generation Roadster, the ND Armrest Pad. It’s available in both matching Sport version as well as the Quilted version (shown in Alcantara here). It’s a very nice touch that makes the arm rest much more comfortable.


We hope you enjoyed this feature on Nakamae’s latest ND products! We also took a quick shot of his personal NA car featuring the Type-GT Seats, Gate Console, 430D Leather Shift Knob, Round Handbrake Handle, Old Fashioned Handbrake Boot, Door Panels Type-2, DIY Aluminum Door Handles & Seatbelt Covers!